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Koyo: A Contemporary Alpine Retreat in Austria

Modern house with large glass windows and outdoor dining area at dusk.

Unveiling Koyo, a masterpiece by Mahore Architects in Tulfes, Austria, this contemporary house redefines living with its elevated design on challenging terrain. With views of majestic mountains and lush treetops, the property ingeniously integrates the living space and garden atop a slope. Inside, an open space sculpture connects living levels, harmonizing exposed concrete, wood, and black steel.

Inspired by the adjacent ash trees and the Japanese term for changing leaves, Koyo seamlessly blends architecture with nature.

House Conturines: Modern Alpine Luxury in Italy’s Val Badia

House Conturines: Modern Alpine Luxury in Italy’s Val Badia

House Conturines, a modern chalet in Val Badia, Italy, redefines Alpine luxury. Designed in 2023 by Perathoner Architects, this mountain house is more than a residence; it’s a sustainable masterpiece.

Located in the tranquil Armentarola region, it offers stunning views of the Dolomite peaks. Embracing local traditions, it features a unique Alpine architecture with a contemporary twist. The use of indigenous materials like South Tyrolean larch wood and local oak ensures energy efficiency and sustainability, meeting the A Nature climate house standards.

Inside, two levels house living spaces, bedrooms, and a sauna, creating a cozy yet modern retreat.