Lounge T by Destilat

Lounge T is an inspiring rustic chalet located in Tirol, Austria, recently completed by Destilat.

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About Lounge T

Breathing New Life into a Historic Alpine Chalet

Destilat transformed a former workshop in a historic Alpine chalet into a chic lounge. They approached the redesign with reverence, preserving the aged patina of the workshop’s floor and retaining the original steel girders. Every addition melds seamlessly with the chalet’s aged charm.

Fusion of Old and New: Materials and Techniques

The project’s aesthetic hinges on a minimalist color and material palette. All the introduced wood elements underwent the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban treatment. This ancient wood-finishing method involves charring surfaces and then oiling them. Consequently, standalone furniture pieces—like vintage wooden chairs, tables, and counters—blend into a harmonious ensemble.

Modern Touches in a Rustic Setting

Blackened wood contrasts with two cubic structures, crafted from scaled sheet metal. These structures, designed for the vestibule and fireplace, enhance the lounge’s contemporary flair. For the ceiling, designers chose Heraklith panels. They not only resonate with the wooden floor but also offer sound and heat insulation.

Comfort Meets Alpine Elegance

Adding to the lounge’s warmth are the golden-brown upholstered bench and beige linen curtains. Together, they cast an inviting glow across the space, achieving a timeless and sophisticated Alpine ambiance. Importantly, this modern transformation sidesteps the clichéd “lederhosen-style”, celebrating the chalet’s history in a fresh, elegant manner.”

Photography by Monika Nguyen

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- by Matt Watts