BT House by ONG&ONG

BT House is an elegant bespoke house located in Singapore recently completed by ONG&ONG.

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About BT House

The BT-House: A Harmonious Blend of Design and Desire

Nestled along Bukit Timah Road, BT-House stands as an epitome of elegance and bespoke design, marrying aesthetics, aspiration, and imagination seamlessly.

Crafting a Personal Sanctuary

Tailored for a family of six, this residence complements active lifestyles with unparalleled comfort. It doesn’t just meet specific needs; it fulfills dreams.

Embracing Nature’s Gift

Housed on an unusually shaped plot, a mature Ficus tree casts its shade. The design pivots around this natural feature, making it a home’s highlight.

Architectural Layers and Balance

Rectilinear volumes stack harmoniously. Planar intersections lend clarity and simplicity. Three distinct layers emerge: a metal mesh encapsulating the attic, a timber screen sheltering family rooms, and a porous ground layer amidst verdant green.

Entrance: A Blend of Light and Structure

The entrance hall, akin to a bridge, basks in daylight. It conceals a guest suite and powder room, leading to a versatile living space accentuated by concrete shades and expansive travertine flooring.

Seamless Transitions

Retractable glass windows on the ground level vanish when opened, melding spaces seamlessly. A sculpted staircase connects levels, contrasting beautifully with the concrete master bedroom.

Refreshing Outdoor Splendor

A pool runs along the home’s rear, its blue tones merging with travertine and flanked by rich greenery.

Elevated Elegance

Ascending reveals the second-floor bedrooms, with zircon lattice screens enhancing their allure. A private gym in the attic and a professional wine cellar by the kitchen amplify luxury, reflecting the architects’ commitment to personalizing spaces for the family.

Photography by Derek Swalwell


- by Matt Watts