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Touching Eden House: Singapore’s Dream Home Unveiled

FeaturedModern building with lush rooftop garden surrounded by trees.

Discover Singapore’s architectural gem, Touching Eden House, designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design in 2023. This serene house combines urban living with the tranquility of nature, adjacent to the UNESCO-listed Singapore Botanic Gardens. Its design philosophy incorporates natural elements and materials, inviting sunlight and greenery into every corner, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

12GBR House: Zen Meets Function in Singapore

Featured12GBR House: Zen Meets Function in Singapore

12GBR House in Singapore, reimagined by K2LD Architects in 2021, stands as a testament to serene living, where minimalist Japanese aesthetics meet Scandinavian functionality. This renovation transformed a standard semi-detached home into a modern sanctuary.

Sleek new aluminum roofing and windows give it a contemporary edge. Inside, light oak panels and strategic lighting highlight clean lines and textures, while sliding panels reveal hidden spaces with a sense of calm continuity. The result is a home that radiates warmth and tranquility, offering the homeowner a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life of Singapore.

Frame House: The Perfect Blend of Contemporary and Nature

FeaturedFrame House: The Perfect Blend of Contemporary and Nature

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Frame House, a contemporary three-story family home located in Singapore, designed by Ming Architects in 2022.

Overlooking a lush park with towering rain trees that reach up to 10-15 metres high, the house boasts direct views from the master bedroom and roof terrace onto the park from its strong rectilinear forms expressed in stone and timber cladding. The light tones of Bulgarian limestone, off-form concrete walls, and brushed oak paneling for the interiors, together with the internal open courtyard and the Caesalpinia tree, create a soothing and calming atmosphere for the occupants.

Acoustic Abode: Contemporary Penthouse Apartment

Acoustic Abode: Contemporary Penthouse Apartment

Welcome to Acoustic Abode, a contemporary penthouse located in the heart of Singapore. Designed by Keat Ong Design in 2022, this abode is designed with the music connoisseur and his family in mind.

The interior design focuses on creating a clean-line contemporary home with different spaces being defined by various volumetric forms. From timber-slated drop ceilings to giant blue shelving systems, Acoustic Abode is truly a masterpiece!