Touching Eden House: Singapore’s Dream Home Unveiled

Discover Singapore’s architectural gem, Touching Eden House, designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design in 2023. This serene house combines urban living with the tranquility of nature, adjacent to the UNESCO-listed Singapore Botanic Gardens. Its design philosophy incorporates natural elements and materials, inviting sunlight and greenery into every corner, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern building with lush rooftop garden surrounded by trees.
Modern living room with large windows overlooking a garden.
Lush view through a panoramic window in a sleek, wood-accented lounge
Modern sunlit room with large windows, a lounger, and lush greenery
Contemporary home gym with floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden finishes.
Modern interior with striped room divider and sleek black table.
Contemporary glass-walled corridor with wood accents and suspended lighting.
Modern hallway with wooden floors, large windows, and wooden wall panels.
Contemporary bedroom with large window and wooden accents.
Modern bathroom with marble walls and a large black bathtub.
Modern bathroom with marble walls, a freestanding bathtub, and large windows.
Contemporary building with wooden slats, surrounded by greenery, adjacent to a
Modern house with swimming pool and lush greenery.
Modern multi-story building with lush greenery and a red car parked at the entrance
Modern building with greenery on facade surrounded by tropical plants.

About Touching Eden House

A Sanctuary Where Architecture and Nature Intertwine

Nestled at the outskirts of an urban paradise, Touching Eden House emerges as a beacon of tranquility, inviting nature to become a part of everyday living. This architectural masterpiece, envisioned by Wallflower Architecture + Design in 2023, exemplifies the seamless integration of luxurious living spaces with the natural world. Situated beside the venerable Singapore Botanic Gardens, this residence embodies the essence of Singapore’s vision as a City in the Garden.

Design Philosophy: A Celebration of Natural Elements

Touching Eden House is founded on a philosophy of harmony and integration. The property greets its inhabitants with a landscape teeming with vibrant flora, guiding them towards a living space that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the vast expanse of nature outside. The use of natural materials and earth tones throughout the house enhances this connection, creating an environment that resonates with peace and serenity.

The architecture boasts contemporary design features, such as large glass windows and clean lines, which frame the stunning views of the surrounding greenery. These elements serve not only as a visual delight but also advocate for a lifestyle that cherishes moments of calm and relaxation amidst the bustling city life of Singapore.

Inside Touching Eden House: A Realm of Light and Greenery

Upon stepping inside, the house reveals its warm and tranquil ambiance, achieved through the thoughtful use of travertine, granite, and wood. The interior design maximizes natural light, encouraging it to dance across the spacious open areas and penetrate every nook. The top level, housing the study and gym, offers a panoramic vista of the treetops, providing a serene backdrop for productivity and wellness activities.

The integration of nature doesn’t stop at the visuals. The rooftop terrace and vertical gardens envelop the home in a lush curtain of foliage, enhancing the sensory experience and fostering a unique connection with the environment.

An Ethereal Retreat Crafted with Mastery

Touching Eden House is more than just a dwelling; it’s a retreat that captures the essence of dreams and the profound beauty of nature’s embrace. This haven has been meticulously crafted by a skilled team of designers, consultants, and artisans, showcasing the elaborate dance between sophisticated architecture and the organic splendor surrounding it. The result is a living space not just built within nature but one that flourishes with it – a testament to the possibilities of harmonious coexistence between humanity and the natural world.

This house stands as a pinnacle of design, where every detail and choice reflects a deep reverence for nature, making Touching Eden House a marvel of modern architecture and a beacon of tranquility in the heart of Singapore.

Photography by Finbarr Fallon
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- by Matt Watts