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Villa S: Alvisi Kirimoto’s Vision of Living Amidst the Sea

Contemporary stone house with large windows and flat roof.

Discover Villa S by Alvisi Kirimoto, a luxurious house nestled in the serene landscapes of Porto Rotondo, Italy. Designed in 2023, this architectural marvel blends tradition with modernity, offering breathtaking sea views and a seamless integration with nature. Experience the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design that make Villa S a true exemplar of contemporary living.

Villa K by Alvisi Kirimoto

Villa K by Alvisi Kirimoto

Villa K, a stunning restoration and extension project in Northern Italy, designed by renowned architecture firm Alvisi Kirimoto, will take your breath away!

Located in an area of two hectares, with breathtaking views over the entire valley, this 910 square meter complex will make you feel like you are in a hidden paradise. The project merges its sinuous lines with the surrounding landscape, with the wood addition blending in with the vineyards and the large infinity pool with its wooden deck.

The interior of the villa is bright and minimal, with oak plank flooring and white walls, complemented by custom-made furnishings and Nordic designer furniture.