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Wooncoöperatie de Warren: Pioneering Collective Living in Amsterdam

FeaturedSpacious, modern interior with wooden structures, cozy seating, and decorative elements.

Situated on the Centrumeiland in Amsterdam, the Wooncoöperatie de Warren is a pioneering cooperative housing project designed by Natrufied Architecture in 2022. This 36-apartment development offers social and affordable rental housing, boasting an impressive ‘EPC’ rating of -0.16, making it an energy-positive building.

With its wood construction, material reuse, and focus on sustainable and cost-effective urban living, De Warren is setting new standards for cooperative living in the Netherlands.

Wood and Natural Stone House: Derksen Windt Architecten’s Modern Amsterdam Oasis

Modern architectural design with a wooden exterior, large windows, and an inviting outdoor seating area.

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Wood and Natural Stone House by Derksen Windt Architecten showcases a stunning blend of natural materials and minimalist design. This compact yet spacious residence is part of a beautifully planned urban development, featuring a wooden supporting structure and a facade that seamlessly integrates light horizontal lines with wooden accents.

The thoughtful spatial layout, including a central staircase, creates a sense of openness within the modest dimensions, exemplifying the architects’ commitment to sustainable and smart design.

Amsterdam Loft: Michiel Hilbrink’s Style in Amsterdam Apartment

Airy loft space with exposed wooden beams, built-in bookshelf, and minimalist furnishings.

The Amsterdam Loft, designed by Michiel Hilbrink and located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, represents a profound transformation of an apartment space within an historical corporation building from 1924. This apartment renovation, distinguished by its open-plan layout and cozy private areas, contrasts modern living conveniences with classical architectural elements like the Russian pine roof. The intelligent use of space, light, and top-tier materials makes this loft a premier example of contemporary apartment living, completed in 2024.

Amsterdam Loft: Preserving 1924’s Charm with Modern Flair

Airy, open-plan living space with natural wood beams, recessed shelving, and modern furnishings.

Welcome to Amsterdam Loft, a spectacular 2023 house renovation by Ardor Studios located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This project translates a historical 1924 structure into a modern living space, maintaining the original Russian pine roof and structural walls while infusing contemporary elements. Noteworthy features include open floor plans, high-quality materials, and light-enhancing designs that add a unique character to this dynamic residential property.

Amsterdam House Extension: A Modern Space by Serge Schoemaker Architects

A modern, minimalist kitchen with built-in shelving, wood paneling, and a sleek island.

Discover the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living with the Amsterdam House Extension by Serge Schoemaker Architects. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this 1950s house underwent a dramatic transformation with an L-shaped extension designed in 2024. The innovative use of floor-to-ceiling glass and thoughtful positioning of the kitchen maximizes living space and daylight, creating a modern architectural marvel that enhances the occupants’ lifestyle.

NH25: Standard Studio’s Open-Concept Loft

NH25: Standard Studio’s Open-Concept Loft

In the heart of Amsterdam, along the historic Nieuwe Herengracht, lies a clandestine gem: NH25. Concealed behind a grand double garage door of a 17th-century canal house, this industrial loft by Standard Studio – Amsterdam illuminates the genius of design.

Uniquely built in a former courtyard bereft of windows, the loft showcases a masterfully designed patio, radiating daylight throughout its open yet intimate spaces, highlighted by an eye-catching Eginstill kitchen.

DB55 Amsterdam: From Timber Storage to Trendsetter

DB55 Amsterdam: From Timber Storage to Trendsetter

In Amsterdam’s bustling Houthavens district, DB55 Amsterdam stands as a beacon of innovative industrial design. Crafted by D/DOCK, this transformed timber warehouse merges the past and present, maximizing its 1,100m2 (11,840 sq ft) space in a symphony of blended use, circularity, and biophilia.

Every design choice, from reclaimed floors to daylight-optimized facades, speaks to a commitment to sustainability and user-centricity.

JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam: A Sustainable Workspace

JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam: A Sustainable Workspace

In the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands, the JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of global software company JetBrains. Designed by D/DOCK, this remarkable workspace is a beacon of sustainability and creativity, offering an inspiring environment that nurtures employee well-being.

The design of the tower is a unique blend of landscape architecture and biophilic design, incorporating principles of environmental psychology to create a workspace that truly feels like a home away from home. Each floor of the building represents a different natural landscape, transforming the office into a dynamic ecosystem that fosters focus, movement, and health.