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Eclectic Diamond House: Bold, Modern Design in Amsterdam

FeaturedEclectic Diamond House: Bold, Modern Design in Amsterdam

Welcome to the Eclectic Diamond House – a stunning modern home located in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West district. Designed by Engel Architecten in 2018, this property boasts a unique combination of sloping and flat roofs with a bold exterior in hues of anthracite.

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted with an eclectic interior that perfectly complements the sleek design of the house. With split-level spaces, the design creates a lively interplay between the various areas, making it the perfect home for anyone who loves contemporary living.

Nº1: An Exclusive Penthouse in Amsterdam’s Vondelstraat

Nº1: An Exclusive Penthouse in Amsterdam’s Vondelstraat

Nº1, an exclusive penthouse located in the iconic Vondelstraat of Amsterdam, Netherlands, designed by zU-Studio in 2023, is a celebration of warm minimalist architecture, nobel materials and timeless pieces that have been custom made for the project.

The house has been conceived to offer an enormous variety of spaces that transmit serenity and calmness, and it is structured in two floors connected by a prominent amphitheatre. Enjoy the typical grey Amsterdam weather in this cozy and serene home, with a very warm indirect lighting for a sensual and elegant night.

Wet Beast by Studioninedots

Wet Beast by Studioninedots

Wet Beast is a contemporary office space located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by Studioninedots in 2022.

This unique workplace concept provides a space for experimentation and spontaneity, while stimulating creativity and a sense of community. Through the use of three ‘pieces of furniture’ – the Beast, Jungle and Town Hall – Wet Beast encourages users to explore the social sphere of a working environment in the extraordinary setting of Amsterdam-West.

Panorama Penthouse by Bureau Fraai

FeaturedPanorama Penthouse by Bureau Fraai

Welcome to Panorama Penthouse in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a luxurious penthouse apartment designed by Bureau Fraai. Located in a transformed office building, the penthouse boasts 180-degree views from every spot, with the seaside on one side and the city centre on the other.

Bureau Fraai embraced the stunning views by introducing free-standing oak volumes, creating an open floor concept without any obstructing walls. Neutral colours like white and light grey, combined with the warm and natural tones of the oak wood, create a beautiful contrast within the spacious, 300-square-meter interior.

Panorama Penthouse is the perfect place to enjoy the ever-changing colours of the seasons, the tides and the sunrise and sunset, making it an ideal home for those looking for a luxury experience in Amsterdam, the city known for its art and culture.