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Domingo House: From Gloomy Space to Light-Filled Home

Minimalist interior with white walls, archway, and checkered floor.

Domingo House, redesigned by Aramé Studio in 2023, transforms a gloomy, chaotically distributed residence in Barcelona’s Eixample district into a beacon of light and tranquility. This project not only restores the structure’s material richness and original morphology but also introduces innovative design elements like a fantasy room and a serene garden, redefining modern living in a historical context.

Weekend House in Puigmoltó: A Modern Twist on Tradition

Minimalist interior with central fireplace, wooden floors, and white walls.

Immerse yourself in the Weekend House in Puigmoltó, designed by Aramé Studio, where historic charm meets contemporary living in Spain. This 2023 home renovation project skillfully marries the traditional with modern flexibility, enhancing natural light and redefining interior spaces. Discover how thoughtful design reimagines domestic privacy and spatial continuity in this unique Spanish abode.