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Stack House by Atelier RZLBD

FeaturedStack House by Atelier RZLBD

Discover Toronto’s Stacked House, a testament to contemporary architecture by Atelier RZLBD, nestled in the heart of Forest Hill, a neighborhood known for its lush greenery and affluence.

This three-story masterpiece is a clever play of volumes, akin to a stack of books, where the topmost block, clad in sleek metal paneling, seemingly cantilevers above the rest. As an intimate yet monumental home, the Stacked House rejects homogeneity, presenting an alternative to traditional residential architecture in the city. A labyrinthine interior spiraling around a quadruple-height staircase and diverse light shafts promises a sense of constant motion, tantalizing the senses, while the subtle differentiation of the exterior blocks in stucco, charred wood, and metal imparts an artistic sophistication that’s distinctly Canadian.