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Cavalcante House: A Minimalist Masterpiece in Brazil

Cavalcante House: A Minimalist Masterpiece in Brazil

Situated in the heart of Cavalcante, Brazil, the Cavalcante House is an exemplary example of minimalist single-story architecture. Designed in 2020 by Bloco Arquitetos, it is a testament to the creative solutions and sheer invention of the architects in overcoming the challenging conditions of the local climate, terrain, labour and budget.

The perimetral advance of the elevated concrete floor, the steel structure, the thin eucalyptus logs, the thermal roof slabs and the thick rammed earth walls, all work seamlessly together to create a home that is both functional and beautiful.

Berezowski House: A Stunning Residence in Brasilia

FeaturedBerezowski House: A Stunning Residence in Brasilia

Welcome to the Berezowski House, a stunning single-story residence designed by Bloco Arquitetos in 2022. Located in Brasilia, Brazil, this unique property embraces a brick design style and features an impressive pool occupying almost the entire boundary between the house and the yard.

The roof structure is fixed by 8 cast-in-place exposed concrete beams and includes linear skylights for natural light and/or ventilation. The direct connection between the front access and the social area is made through a 2-meter wide corridor-gallery that separates the intimate area from the service area, allowing for plenty of natural light and ventilation.