White Bricks House: Innovative Brickwork in Lago Sul

Discover White Bricks House, a stunning creation by BLOCO Arquitetos in Brasília, Brazil. Designed in 2023, this house combines artisanal brickwork with modern design, focusing on privacy, natural light, and ventilation. The use of elongated, solid bricks painted white reinterprets Brasília’s architectural heritage, providing a unique living experience.

Modern architectural design with clean lines, textured facade, and palm trees.
Minimalist exterior with clean lines, perforated facade, and lush landscaping.
A modern luxury home with a sleek, minimalist design, a swimming pool, and lush greenery.
Contemporary architectural design featuring clean lines, expansive windows, and a pool.
A modern, open-concept living room with sleek furniture, wood accents, and large windows overlooking lush greenery.
Elegant dining area with modern wooden furnishings and textured wall accent.
Modern kitchen with sleek gray cabinetry, wooden dining table, and marble countertops.
Minimalist bedroom with large windows overlooking a lush, grassy landscape.
A minimalist bathroom with a round mirror, freestanding sink, and floor-to-ceiling marble cladding.
Sleek modern bathroom with wooden vanity, round mirror, and textured accent wall.
Tranquil outdoor patio with hammock, concrete stools, and expansive green lawn.
Modern architectural design featuring a sleek staircase, skylights, and lush landscaping surrounding a pool.
Modern, geometric exterior with textured white facade and contrasting concrete elements.

About White Bricks House

Revolutionizing Brazilian Architecture with White Bricks House

In the heart of Brasília’s Lago Sul region, BLOCO Arquitetos crafted the White Bricks House, an exquisite example of modern architecture blended with artisanal craftsmanship. Designed specifically for its location in 2023, this house stands as a testament to precision and artistic construction. The solid bricks, an essential element, were laid in a labor-intensive process, emphasizing the craft that underpins this groundbreaking design.

Innovative Use of Space and Light

The house’s design strategically places all main rooms around the plot’s perimeter, ensuring each space overlooks the sprawling central garden and a semi-Olympic pool. This layout not only maximizes views but also enhances the connectivity between indoor and outdoor environments. The outer facades, adorned with solid bricks painted in a pristine white, showcase varying degrees of openness. This ingenious spacing between the bricks, inspired by the Brazilian “cobogó,” facilitates natural cross ventilation and allows for a unique interplay of light and shadow, while also addressing privacy concerns room by room.

A Facade That Breathes

The spaced brickwork serves more than an aesthetic function; it acts as a secondary facade for controlling sunlight, enabling natural ventilation, and ensuring desired levels of privacy. The elongated bricks, specially designed for this project, echo a key architectural feature of Brasília, merging traditional elements with contemporary needs. Through this novel approach, the White Bricks House provides a living experience that is both refreshingly modern and deeply rooted in the local architectural heritage.

Through every brick laid and every space curated, the White Bricks House by BLOCO Arquitetos redefines what Brazilian architecture can be. Its blend of artisanal craftsmanship and modern design principles heralds a new era for residential architecture in Brasília, making it a landmark project for years to come.

Photography by Joana França
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- by Matt Watts