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Queen’s Park House: A Modern Take on Victorian Elegance

A modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, concrete floors, and an arched entryway.

The Queen’s Park House in London, a masterful creation by RISE Design Studio in 2022, reimagines Victorian elegance through contemporary design. This unique house seamlessly integrates a glass extension with the original structure, offering a space that is both chic and practical, ideal for both relaxation and entertaining. The design blurs the lines between past and present, marrying traditional charm with modern sophistication in a bustling urban setting.

B67: Inside Barcelona’s Latest Luxurious Apartment Building

Neutral-toned contemporary living space with exposed wooden beams and modern furniture.

Discover B67, a visionary apartment building project in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned by Nook Architects. This transformation focuses on enhancing street-level interactions, restoring first-floor terraces, and reviving original external views. By intertwining functional living spaces with the architectural heritage, B67 redefines modern urban living in the vibrant 22@ district.

The Gold View Apartment: How Feng Shui Shapes Modern Living

The modern interior features a gray concrete ceiling, plush gray sofa, and a built-in plant display.

Discover the transformative design of The Gold View Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by STD Design Consultant. This innovative project evolves a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom family home, cleverly incorporating Feng Shui principles and maximizing the use of space with natural light and versatile furniture. The design not only elevates the apartment’s aesthetic but also enhances its functionality and sustainability for modern living.

Corrugated House: Transforming London’s Victorian Town-House

Modern kitchen with island, teal cabinets, and skylight.

Discover the Corrugated House in Leyton, London, a stunning creation by Mike Tuck Studio. This four-bedroom Victorian terrace underwent extensive remodeling to meet the needs of a modern family, featuring a spacious kitchen/dining area, bespoke interior design, innovative materials, and a garden transformation.

Set in the UK in 2021, this house is an architectural testament to blending tradition with contemporary flair.

The Black and White House: Transforming 1950s Architecture

Modern two-story house with illuminated windows at twilight.

Discover how The Black and White House in North Arlington, United States, underwent a radical transformation. Designed in 2019 by Paola Lugli, this project reimagines a 1950s brick house with a contemporary open floor plan, elevating it with a ship-lap-clad façade and thoughtfully integrated modern elements. From a new LVL beams structure to symmetrical windows framing a future garden, explore the blend of modern and traditional that defines this unique dwelling.