Queen’s Park House: A Modern Take on Victorian Elegance

The Queen’s Park House in London, a masterful creation by RISE Design Studio in 2022, reimagines Victorian elegance through contemporary design. This unique house seamlessly integrates a glass extension with the original structure, offering a space that is both chic and practical, ideal for both relaxation and entertaining. The design blurs the lines between past and present, marrying traditional charm with modern sophistication in a bustling urban setting.

A charming brick townhouse with a modern glass extension and lush garden patio.
Eclectic living room with dark green walls, an ornate red sofa, and a patterned rug.
Cozy living room with vibrant green tile wall, built-in bookshelf, and modern fireplace.
A modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, concrete floors, and an arched entryway.
A modern kitchen design with dark cabinetry, wooden drawers, and a concrete countertop.
Brick walls, natural light, long dining table, and industrial-style lighting characterize this modern interior.
A rustic dining area with an overhead chandelier and exposed brick walls, providing a cozy ambience.

About Queen’s Park House

A Blend of Traditional Charm and Modern Elegance

The Queen’s Park House in London, designed by RISE Design Studio in 2022, redefines the Victorian terrace. This thoughtfully extended home melds timeless allure with cutting-edge style. Amidst the urban surroundings, the seamless glass extension draws one’s attention, hinting at the symbiosis of old and new that awaits within.

Inviting Interiors: A Nod to the Past, A Step into the Now

Stepping inside, the convergence of eras is striking. The entrance holds a classic Victorian vibe, enhanced by rich colors and an elegant, tufted settee. As light floods through the door, it illuminates book-filled shelves, which line the walls with stories and history.

Continuing into the heart of the home, the living room showcases a bespoke fireplace set against a tiled teal backdrop. This space invites relaxation, with a fresh yet cozy ambience that harmonizes with the contemporary furnishings.

Culinary Chic meets Urban Retreat

The kitchen, a true centerpiece, balances sophistication with practicality. Its dark tones contrast with warm wood finishes and sleek lines, emphasizing the home’s dual nature—chic for hosting yet perfectly intimate for daily living. The large central island acts as the hub for gatherings, surrounded by the pristine integration of storage and appliances.

As the journey through this urban oasis concludes, the dining area emerges as a fusion of indoor-outdoor living. Here, the lush garden is but a step away, providing a serene backdrop for the solid wood table that anchors the space, under a sculptural rooflight that ensures the room is awash with natural light, completing this home’s celebration of its historic foundations and modern spirit.

Photography by French+Tye
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- by Matt Watts