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Queen’s Park House: A Modern Take on Victorian Elegance

A modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, concrete floors, and an arched entryway.

The Queen’s Park House in London, a masterful creation by RISE Design Studio in 2022, reimagines Victorian elegance through contemporary design. This unique house seamlessly integrates a glass extension with the original structure, offering a space that is both chic and practical, ideal for both relaxation and entertaining. The design blurs the lines between past and present, marrying traditional charm with modern sophistication in a bustling urban setting.

Duna Madrid Dwelling: Book-Lover’s Dream Home Design

Contemporary home interior with colorful bookshelf, sliding doors, and a woman reading

Discover the modern charm of the Duna Apartment in Madrid, Spain, crafted by Gon Architects in 2023. This exquisite urban oasis, designed for a young couple and their beloved dog, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Embrace the elegance of an open kitchen, expansive terrace, and a unique bookcase centerpiece, creating a space that evolves with its inhabitants’ needs and desires.