Angeli: A Glimpse into Rome’s Chic Apartment Lifestyle

Angeli, designed by Bomori Architetti in 2022, is a modern apartment nestled in Rome, Italy. This sophisticated space blends historical Roman charm with contemporary elegance, featuring an open-plan living area bathed in natural light, minimalist workspace, and serene bedroom. A true urban oasis, Angeli exemplifies luxury living in the heart of the bustling city.

Modern living room with a beige sofa, framed artwork, and a potted plant
Minimalist living room with sleek shelving unit and wooden floor.
Elegant interior with classic painting, beige sofa, and wooden accents.
Modern living room with sofa, framed art, and wooden floor.
Cozy reading nook with chair, bookshelf, and wooden slats.
Minimalist interior with white walls and herringbone wood flooring.
Contemporary study nook with framed art, orange chairs, and bookshelf.
Contemporary bathroom with glass shower and wooden vanity.

About Angeli

Embracing Modern Elegance in the Heart of Rome

Within the bustling streets of Rome, Italy, lies “Angeli,” an apartment that embodies the nuanced blend of historic charm and contemporary design. Bomori Architetti, the creative force behind this 2022 project, transforms an ordinary space into a showcase of sophistication and style.

A Living Space Drenched in Natural Light

Stepping inside, the open-plan living room greets guests with a serene palette and thoughtful furnishings. Soft, muted tones of the plush sofa set a relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile, classical artwork adds a touch of Rome’s eternal essence, bridging past and present.

Transitioning to the entertainment area, the eye is drawn to a minimalistic yet striking black shelving unit. The harmonious arrangement of objects and books against the crisp white wall exemplifies modern living. This room is not just a space but a narrative of elegance and simplicity.

A Symphony of Wood and Art

Glancing over to the herringbone flooring, the intricate patterns guide visitors to discover hidden nooks. Behind a sleek, wooden slatted partition, a cozy reading corner emerges. Accompanied by a modern chair and side table, it offers a private retreat within this urban oasis.

Venturing further, the seamless integration of storage solutions is evident. Full-height, white paneled cabinets provide a clean backdrop to the living spaces, highlighting the apartment’s functional artistry.

Finally, a minimalist workspace complements the residence with its understated charm. Framed artworks leaning casually above testify to the resident’s cultured taste, while the orange chairs below inject a burst of vibrant energy.

The journey through “Angeli” concludes in the bathroom, where minimalist fixtures and transparent surfaces encapsulate modern essentials. A discreetly framed balcony door invites daylight in, amplifying the feeling of space and tranquility.

The residence “Angeli” by Bomori Architetti heralds a new chapter where modern living meets the timeless allure of Rome, offering a tranquil haven amidst the urban dynamism. With each room, “Angeli” defines not just a place to live, but a way to live — effortlessly, elegantly, unequivocally Roman.

Photography by @beppepennesi
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- by Matt Watts