Vivienda Tres Torres by Pablo Peyra

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Vivienda Tres Torres is an inspiring residence designed in 2017 by Pablo Peyra.

Modern living room with blue sofas, a fireplace, and large windows.
Contemporary living room with fireplace and bookshelf.
Contemporary living room with sleek sofas and wooden accents.
Cozy home office with a desk lamp, chairs, and a couch.
Modern bedroom with a bed, chair, wooden accents, and large windows.
Contemporary bedroom with minimalist design and wooden accents.
Contemporary bedroom with wooden slat wall and ceiling fan.

About Vivienda Tres Torres

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Vivienda Tres Torres emerges as a contemporary testament to residential design. Crafted by the visionary Pablo Peyra in 2017, this home stands as a beacon of modern elegance and comfort. Its intricate design harmoniously blends with the lush Spanish backdrop, inviting an exploration of its interior marvels.

Contemporary Living Redefined

Upon entry, the living room greets visitors with its open-concept space, where natural light dances across sleek furniture, reflecting a minimalist aesthetic. The subtle warmth of the fireplace juxtaposes the cool tones of the furnishings, evoking a sense of tranquil sophistication.

Transitioning to the dining area, the continuity of design is evident. A large window frames the verdant outdoors, offering diners a serene visual feast. The sleek lines of the dining table echo the home’s contemporary ethos, marrying functionality with artistic flair.

A Study in Elegance

The study presents a tranquil nook, where floor-to-ceiling bookshelves offer a trove of knowledge, encased in rich, dark wood that stands out against the bright, airy room. Here, intellectual pursuits and relaxation coexist, underscored by the thoughtful placement of a comfortable reading chair.

Intimate Comforts

In the private sanctuary of the bedroom, comfort reigns supreme. The plush bedding and soft, muted tones provide a retreat from the vibrant city life. The simplicity of the décor, coupled with the luxurious textiles, creates a restful ambiance that beckons for repose.

Every corner of Vivienda Tres Torres resonates with Pablo Peyra’s meticulous attention to detail. From the living spaces to the private quarters, this home stands not only as a structure of residence but as a masterpiece of modern design set against the historical canvas of Barcelona, Spain.

Photography courtesy of Pablo Peyra

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- by Matt Watts