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Queen’s Park House: A Modern Take on Victorian Elegance

A modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, concrete floors, and an arched entryway.

The Queen’s Park House in London, a masterful creation by RISE Design Studio in 2022, reimagines Victorian elegance through contemporary design. This unique house seamlessly integrates a glass extension with the original structure, offering a space that is both chic and practical, ideal for both relaxation and entertaining. The design blurs the lines between past and present, marrying traditional charm with modern sophistication in a bustling urban setting.

Apartment in Posillipo: Inside Naples’ Luxurious Sea-view Living

FeaturedModern living room with large dining table, sofa, and blue accent wall.

Discover the exceptional design of Apartment in Posillipo, a masterpiece by Nabi Interior Design located in Naples, Italy. This luxurious apartment combines natural elegance with contemporary finesse, showcasing exclusive furniture, prestigious materials like Antolini® natural stones, and breathtaking views of Capri.

Designed in 2022, it redefines modern living with its unique blend of artistry and innovation.

Rod House: Blending Minimalist Charm with Sarti’s Serenity

FeaturedContemporary open-plan living space with minimalist decor and large windows.

Embark on a journey through the Rod House, designed by Spyros Stefopoulos, in the tranquil Sarti, Greece. This house epitomizes modern elegance with its minimalist design, open spaces, and seamless integration with nature. Spyros Stefopoulos has masterfully created a space where light, architecture, and comfort converge to offer a unique living experience.