Apartment in Posillipo: Inside Naples’ Luxurious Sea-view Living

Discover the exceptional design of Apartment in Posillipo, a masterpiece by Nabi Interior Design located in Naples, Italy. This luxurious apartment combines natural elegance with contemporary finesse, showcasing exclusive furniture, prestigious materials like Antolini® natural stones, and breathtaking views of Capri.

Designed in 2022, it redefines modern living with its unique blend of artistry and innovation.

Sleek interior with ocean view, artwork, and neutral tones.
Modern living room with large dining table, sofa, and blue accent wall.
Modern dining room with a black table, grey chairs, pendant lights, and an
Sleek kitchen with blue bar stools and marble accents.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and a view of the sea through a large window.
Modern dining room with marble floor, glass table, and a view of the outdoors
Modern bathroom with marble sink and shower, wooden cabinet, and black door.
Modern bathroom with double sink and large mirrors.

About Apartment in Posillipo

A Masterpiece of Design and Natural Elegance

Overlooking the breathtaking vistas of Capri from the Posillipo hill, the Apartment in Posillipo, crafted by the renowned Biancamaria Santangelo of Nabi Interior Design in 2022, stands as a testament to gravity-defying architecture and suspended beauty above the sea. This Naples-based abode harmoniously blends the magnificent natural surroundings with a meticulously planned layout, exclusive custom-designed furnishings, and the selection of prestigious materials, highlighting the luminous and strong characteristics of Antolini® natural stones, contributing to an interior of exclusive and contemporary elegance.

The Intrinsic Beauty of Natural Materials

Emphasizing the designer’s preference for natural materials, the apartment showcases a dedication to stones, metals, and woods – the fundamental idioms of Santangelo’s design language. This commitment shines through the bespoke use of Statuario Extra marble, chosen to mirror the sunlight indoors through expansive, profile-less sliding fixtures, blurring the lines between the interiors and the panoramic seascape. This same marble extends to the terrace, catching the veins of sunlight, aligning with the chosen materials’ alignment with nature’s offerings, culminating in a contemporary home for those with refined tastes, who cherish beauty and quality.

Innovative Techniques and Natural Light

The ground features Statuario “Extra” marble, with its fluid veining and nuanced whites, evoking the foam of waves and clouds, casting entrants into a dream-like state where the boundary between indoors and outdoors is lost. The use of Natural Quartz Cristallo Iceberg® in one bathroom creates an ice effect on the walls, lighting up the space with natural light and offering an experience reminiscent of being inside a magnificent, serene iceberg. In contrast, Dover White® marble floors set against cream-colored walls in the second bathroom create an effect of sober elegance and refinement.

Refined Details and Natural Wonders

Details within the residence have been meticulously selected, from precisely calibrated lighting to the arrangement of furniture and artworks, all complementing the natural stone beauty courtesy of Antolini, painting an ambiance where luxury, elegance, and comfort harmonize perfectly. This magnificent dwelling in the beautiful South of Italy enshrines natural materials as the paramount vehicle for unequalled and timeless beauty, celebrating the awe-inspiring depth of the earth as echoed in the Black Cosmic granite kitchen surfaces, a nod to the volcanic nature of the surrounding territory.

This apartment not only serves as a residence but as a reflection of the fusion between artistic design and the unparalleled beauty of natural materials, set against one of Italy’s most picturesque backdrops.

Photography by Carlo Oriente
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- by Matt Watts