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House CLT01: Blending Functionality with Natural Beauty

A modern wooden cabin structure with a steep gable roof and concrete foundation, set amid pine trees.

House CLT01, designed by Atelier AMASA in 2023, is a remarkable embodiment of modern architecture nestled in Barcelonnette, France. This house uniquely integrates with its natural surroundings, preserving local tree clusters while offering stunning views of the adjacent peaks. The design utilizes contemporary methods to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect sanctuary that brings the outdoors inside throughout the seasons.

Skyview: A Modern Marvel in Portland with Panoramic Views

Modern architectural design with cantilevered balconies, glass walls, and outdoor lighting.

Discover Skyview, a bespoke four-story house in Northwest Portlandā€™s Alphabet District, designed by William Kaven Architecture in 2020. This Portland, Oregon property redefines urban living with its top-floor living quarters and unparalleled views of the city and Cascade Mountains. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a soothing rooftop water feature, and a serene master spa, Skyview blends modern design with natural elements seamlessly.

Apartment in Posillipo: Inside Naples’ Luxurious Sea-view Living

FeaturedModern living room with large dining table, sofa, and blue accent wall.

Discover the exceptional design of Apartment in Posillipo, a masterpiece by Nabi Interior Design located in Naples, Italy. This luxurious apartment combines natural elegance with contemporary finesse, showcasing exclusive furniture, prestigious materials like AntoliniĀ® natural stones, and breathtaking views of Capri.

Designed in 2022, it redefines modern living with its unique blend of artistry and innovation.