Skyview: A Modern Marvel in Portland with Panoramic Views

Discover Skyview, a bespoke four-story house in Northwest Portland’s Alphabet District, designed by William Kaven Architecture in 2020. This Portland, Oregon property redefines urban living with its top-floor living quarters and unparalleled views of the city and Cascade Mountains. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a soothing rooftop water feature, and a serene master spa, Skyview blends modern design with natural elements seamlessly.

Modern architectural design with cantilevered balconies, glass walls, and outdoor lighting.
Spacious modern living room with large windows, plush seating, and lush greenery outside.
Sleek modern home with concrete walls, wood accents, and large windows overlooking greenery.
Airy, modern living space with sleek glass walls, minimalist furnishings, and greenery.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, island, and white counter stools.
Modern kitchen and living space with large windows overlooking lush greenery.
A modern, open-concept interior with a sleek dining area, stylish chandelier, and expansive windows overlooking greenery.
Spacious living room with wood paneling, gray couch, and a glass-enclosed staircase.
A modern living room with wooden wall paneling, built-in shelves, and large windows overlooking greenery.
Spacious bedroom with wall-to-wall windows, plush furnishings, and verdant outdoor view.
Spacious modern bathroom with wooden vanity, marble accents, and large mirror.
Elegant modern patio with sleek gray seating, outdoor dining, and lush greenery.
Contemporary multi-story building with sleek glass and metal facade, illuminated interiors.

About Skyview

Reimagining Urban Living with Skyview

Skyview stands as a bold statement in Portland’s Alphabet District, crafted by the visionary team at William Kaven Architecture. This four-story residence reshapes the essence of luxury living in an urban setting. Perched atop a narrow lot, it commands breathtaking views, stretching from Portland’s skyline to the majestic Cascade Mountains, including Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens.

A Design That Elevates

Breaking from traditional layouts, Skyview places the living quarters, kitchen, and entertainment spaces on the highest floor. This strategic choice doesn’t just offer views—it immerses residents in them. The 30-foot (9.14 meters) elevation lifts you above the bustling neighborhood, into a realm of tranquility. The top floor, encased in floor-to-ceiling glass walls that open out, welcomes the outside in, without the intrusion of noise or distractions. A rooftop water feature complements this serene atmosphere by softening the urban soundscape.

Material Mastery

At its heart, Skyview is a fortress of board-formed concrete. However, its exterior, adorned in glazed terracotta, commands attention with both modernity and a nod to the traditional. Transparency is a recurring theme, revealing an interior bathed in the warmth of continuous walnut veneer. This material choice not only adds a layer of sophistication but also creates a cohesive, inviting space.

A Sanctuary in the Sky

The master spa is a haven of relaxation, featuring a free-standing bathtub on a river rock bed, against a backdrop of Calacatta marble. The space flows into an outdoor shower, encircled by greenery for ultimate privacy. Below, a dedicated art studio caters to creative endeavors, fully equipped with a CNC machine.

Throughout its design, Skyview balances the need for a peaceful retreat with the property’s urban context. Overcoming challenges such as zoning restrictions, and height limitations, the residence innovatively merges indoor and outdoor experiences. Skyview is more than a home—it’s a lifestyle statement, wrapped in the beauty of natural Portland scenery and cutting-edge architectural design.

Photography courtesy of William Kaven Architecture
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- by Matt Watts