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Corvallis Museum: A Contemporary Tribute to Tradition

Spacious modern lobby with wooden paneling, artwork, and a mounted moose sculpture.

The Benton County Historical Society in Corvallis, Oregon has unveiled a captivating Corvallis Museum designed by acclaimed architecture firm Allied Works. This 19,000 square-foot contemporary museum showcases a diverse collection of cultural artifacts, natural history specimens, and archives from Oregon State University.

Strategically located opposite a historic general store and the former territorial capital, the museum’s striking design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding architecture while offering a fresh perspective on the region’s rich heritage.

Amber Place: Zen-Inspired Remodel

Expansive open-concept living area with modern furniture, neutral tones, and lush outdoor view.

Centerfield Studio‘s recent remodel of the 3,600 SF Amber Place in Portland, Oregon, US, seamlessly blends the owner’s desire for a “Zen and Pop” aesthetic. Designed in 2020, this captivating house showcases the studio’s expertise in crafting harmonious living spaces that balance tranquility and vibrancy. With a focus on high-quality materials and innovative design solutions, the Amber Place project offers a compelling glimpse into the intersection of modern architecture and interior design.

The Balcony ADU: Exploring a Modern, Light-Filled Living Space

Bright, open-concept living space with clean, modern furnishings and natural wood accents.

Immerse yourself in The Balcony ADU, a modern house masterpiece in Portland, Oregon. Designed by Modern ADU Plans in 2020, this property embodies elevated living with a thoughtful two-bedroom layout on the ground floor and an expansive, sunlit living area upstairs. Perfect for admirers of contemporary design, the home’s layout, and its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces highlight innovative architecture at its best.

The Screen ADU: Beyond Traditional Living in Portland

Modern exterior with gray siding, metal roof, patio, and lush landscaping.

Discover The Screen ADU in Portland, Oregon, a masterpiece by Modern ADU Plans that redefines the accessory dwelling unit. This 750-square-foot house, designed in 2019, elegantly combines modern design with traditional comfort. Offering a spacious layout with two bedrooms and a great room that highlights vaulted ceilings and expansive windows, it creates a seamless connection to the outdoors, ideal for aging in place or a luxurious rental.

Skyview: A Modern Marvel in Portland with Panoramic Views

Modern architectural design with cantilevered balconies, glass walls, and outdoor lighting.

Discover Skyview, a bespoke four-story house in Northwest Portland’s Alphabet District, designed by William Kaven Architecture in 2020. This Portland, Oregon property redefines urban living with its top-floor living quarters and unparalleled views of the city and Cascade Mountains. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a soothing rooftop water feature, and a serene master spa, Skyview blends modern design with natural elements seamlessly.

Meadow House: College Hill’s Courtyard-Style Marvel

Meadow House: College Hill’s Courtyard-Style Marvel

Designed by Waechter Architecture, the Meadow House is a remarkable 2,000-square-foot (186 square meters) single-story residence nestled in the College Hill district of Eugene, Oregon.

This courtyard-style house seamlessly harmonizes with the natural beauty of Madison Meadow, a cherished landscape preserve and community park, in an ode to neighborhood connection and sustainability.

Heartwood: A Riverside Haven with Panoramic Willamette Views

FeaturedHeartwood: A Riverside Haven with Panoramic Willamette Views

Introducing the Heartwood Residence, a stunning single-story modern home designed by William Kaven Architecture in 2021.

Nestled in Portland’s Oak Grove neighborhood, this riverside gem offers breathtaking views of the Willamette River and Portland’s industrial past. With a focus on the maple tree at its core, the Heartwood house flawlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces while showcasing a sophisticated collection of Modern American and Italian furniture. Be captivated by this unique home, a brilliant addition to Portland, Oregon.