Via Palmanova Apartment: Inside Milan’s Vintage-Chic Living Space

Discover the Via Palmanova Apartment in Milan, Italy, a masterpiece of interior design by Archventil, crafted in 2022. This apartment embodies a unique blend of vintage style with modern living, designed to cater to the refined tastes of fashion industry professionals. It features an expansive kitchen, spa-like bathroom, and a living area that maximizes light and space, creating a welcoming environment for cooking and socializing.

Modern open-plan kitchen and living area with minimalist decor and hardwood floors.
Sleek, modern kitchen with black cabinetry, brass lighting fixtures, and minimalist style.
Sleek, contemporary bedroom interior with dark walls, modern light fixture, and plaid bedding.
A modern bathroom with black metal frames, large mirrors, and a potted plant.
Sleek black framed mirrors and modern vanity with minimalist decor in bathroom.
Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, black-framed glass walls, and tropical plant accent.
Sleek modern bathroom with black metal framed mirrors, vanity, and tiled walls.
A lush, green outdoor patio with a wrought-iron pergola, brick flooring, and potted plants.

About Via Palmanova Apartment

A Unique Blend of Style and Comfort

The Via Palmanova Apartment in Milan represents a perfect fusion of vintage charm and modern functionalities, tailor-made for its inhabitants by the renowned design studio Archventil in 2022. Catering to a vibrant lifestyle, the designers transformed this space into a personalized haven that reflects the owners’ stylish personalities and their passion for fashion and detail.

Innovative Layout with Vintage Flair

In response to the clients’ brief, Archventil reimagined the apartment’s layout to emphasize spacious cooking areas and a bathroom that doubles as a personal spa. The Primopiano kitchen at the entrance opens into the living area, where dark tones create a striking contrast with the cosy ambiance. A kitchen island doubles as a snack bar, with a specially crafted shelf decorated with iconic Fornasetti pieces. This setup not only fulfills the functional requirements but also adds a layer of elegance and character to the space.

Luxurious Living and Bathing Spaces

Natural light floods the living room through a large window, illuminating the TRG 3D Surface plaster panels that mimic a flowing curtain and add depth to the room. A vintage-style chest with a Polspotten mirror and a sliding iron and glass door leads to the bathroom area, a stunning showcase of design with a freestanding tub and a spacious walk-in shower. The transition between the oak parquet flooring and the Marazzi tiles evokes a ‘box effect,’ further enhancing the spa-like feel.

Intimate Bedroom Oasis

A concealed door in the living area opens into a serene bedroom, where soothing blue walls create an enveloping atmosphere. This choice of color not only brings calmness but also sophistication, making it an ideal retreat. Designed to be both snug and inviting, the bedroom is a testament to Archventil’s ability to craft spaces that are as relaxing as they are stylish.

In conclusion, the Via Palmanova Apartment stands as a testimony to Archventil’s commitment to creating environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This Milanese apartment serves as a sophisticated oasis in the heart of the city, crafted with attention to detail and a keen sense of style.

Photography by Alessandro Santi
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- by Matt Watts