AHZ House by ZIZ Arquitetura

Contemporary 2,228 sq ft apartment situated in Londrina, Brazil, designed in 2014 by ZIZ Arquitetura.

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Description by ZIZ Arquitetura

Over 10 years ago, a couple, both doctors, moved from Sao Paulo State to Londrina. The Gaudi building caught the attention of the family because of its large balcony and period construction with a unique style. They supported this project and saw the neighborhood grow as well as their family needs. “I adore cooking, throwing dinners and entertaining guests so it was my distinct
desire to have a great, functional and comfortable space in which to do this” recalls the homeowner. “It took 6 months of work to transform this home into the perfect recreation and living space that’s now appreciated everyday by our family” adds the wife. According to Jean Oliveira, the architect, today’s concept of integrated space and flexible, comfortable living is the rule. The idea that everything needs to be in its own space is a concept of the past. Everyone who enters this home, of 207 square meters, immediately feels the impact of well used space and ambiance. This is due to the open concept design that incorporates the spacious balcony, ample living and gourmet dining areas and connects to the hidden barbecue behind wooden folding doors. “This space is frequently used for everything from family breakfasts to cook outs to family parties!” says the homeowner.

From the old balcony, only a single pillar remains, which opens on one side as a fireplace and the other side as a television. This makes for a very comfortable living area. In addition, only one wall was built to separate the social and private areas of the home, giving way to a family photo gallery. The concept of functional decoration helped us to prioritize a mix of building
materials from polymeric cement to bamboo veneer to black lacquer and stainless steel. “The end result is a very clean, minimalist style” says the architect Celso Oshiro. “However, this does not mean that it’s a cold house.” “We used amber lighting to create a cozy feel and the natural light from the large windows of the balcony fills the room to create a sensational cosmopolitan
atmosphere.” “This apartments feels like it could be anywhere in the world!” says Vitor Magon, from ZIZ.

Photography by Jean Oliveira

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- by Matt Watts