Private Apartment by mode:lina architekci

This elegant 860 sq ft apartment situated in Poznan, Poland, was designed in 2014 by mode:lina architekci.

Description by mode:lina architekci


That efect was expected by apartment owner, who came to architects from mode:lina architekci architecture studio. On 80-meters space they mixed private areas with these open for visiting friends.This interior is welcoming and very private as well.

“I invite my guests here. We watch games or have fun with Playstation. In this room we also eat dinners, prepared by ourselves in my kitchen.”

It was important, to design proper space for meetings or common cooking, that won’t become totally empty after friends leave. Cosy character creates big, pufy sofas combined with fne wood.

“This room is about work, reading books or typing. It’s a place where decor have to stay back. A thought, that’s what counts the most in here!”

“Bedroom is a snug place, without Internet or television. Here, you can relax from everything…but books!”

Photography by Marcin Ratajczak

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- by Matt Watts

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