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Queen’s Park House: A Modern Take on Victorian Elegance

A modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, concrete floors, and an arched entryway.

The Queen’s Park House in London, a masterful creation by RISE Design Studio in 2022, reimagines Victorian elegance through contemporary design. This unique house seamlessly integrates a glass extension with the original structure, offering a space that is both chic and practical, ideal for both relaxation and entertaining. The design blurs the lines between past and present, marrying traditional charm with modern sophistication in a bustling urban setting.

House of a Filmmaker: Transforming Duplex Villa into a Creative Sanctuary

Modern living room with pink and tan furniture, large painting, and skylight

Designed by Fon Studio and located in China, the House of a Filmmaker presents a revolutionary approach to duplex villa living. Not just a house, but a “Life Studio,” it stands as a tribute to the owner’s creative pursuits. Through meticulous site transformation, this residence blurs the lines between chance and imagination, infusing every nook with stories and emotions. Engage with a space where indoor and outdoor seamlessly mingle, elevated by Fon Studio‘s signature warm, textural interplay.

Apartment for a Bachelor: Where Modern Design Meets Functionality

Apartment for a Bachelor: Where Modern Design Meets Functionality

Welcome to a tour of the “Apartment for a Bachelor,” a stunning example of modern design in the heart of Moscow, Russia. This remarkable space, redesigned in 2022 by Alexander Tischler, offers a unique blend of functionality and style, tailored to the lifestyle of a modern bachelor.

The apartment’s interior is a testament to Tischler’s innovative approach, featuring a glass home office, personalized art objects, and a kitchen that challenges traditional design norms. With a color palette dominated by beige and black, the apartment is divided into distinct ‘blocks’ that create a sense of order and coherence.

Let’s delve into the details of this inspiring living space.

Customer Experience Center for BMW in Qianhai

Customer Experience Center for BMW in Qianhai

In the heart of Qianhai, Shenzhen, a beacon of contemporary luxury design emerges – the Customer Experience Center for BMW. This innovative project, masterfully redesigned by Archihope in 2022, stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable development. Nestled at the junction of Zhenhai Road and Gangcheng Road, the center embodies the spirit of Shenzhen’s New Special Economic Zone and Qianhai’s unique marine culture.

The design team, driven by the principles of sustainable development, breathed new life into the existing structure. They meticulously addressed architectural challenges such as facade design, noise, shading, ventilation, and daylighting, all while ensuring the building’s seamless integration into the urban texture. The result is a stunning testament to the future of design, a building that not only adapts to Shenzhen’s hot and humid climate but also enhances the customer experience at every turn.

House in the Dry: A Contemporary and Eco-Friendly Home

A modern ranch-style home nestled in a mountainous landscape, with a stone facade and large windows.

Introducing the stunning House in the Dry, located in Tamworth, Australia. This semi-rural home was designed by MRTN Architects to be a contemporary and energy-efficient residence, blending perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The house was built on ex-grazing land and its design was focused on regenerating the native plants while resisting drought conditions. With an almost totally enclosed courtyard garden in the center of the house, it also boasts a solar panel array and north facing thermal mass, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly home.

Humble.Social Club+Bar by Olga Chut

Humble.Social Club+Bar by Olga Chut

Step into the cozy and elegant World of Humble.Social Club+Bar in Irkutsk, Russia, designed by Olga Chut.

This chic bar is the perfect place for socializing, with a living room-inspired common area and intimate private zones. The large bar table is the focal point, where the magic happens. The mid-century and modernism design style create a warm and inviting ambiance, with vintage armchairs, soft lines, and tinted wood. Even in the evening, the interior is illuminated with cozy and soft lights, making it an ideal destination for unwinding and connecting with others.