Vural House: A Modern Oasis in Istanbul by Pimodek Architecture

Vural House, located in Istanbul, Turkey, represents a stunning example of contemporary house design by Pimodek Architecture. This family house, designed in 2021, transforms a 1990s dwelling into a modern haven with a careful blend of private and shared spaces, integrating art within its walls and extending its beauty to the exterior with thoughtful landscaping. The use of natural stones, a grey and white colour palette, and strategic lighting amplifies its architectural prowess, ensuring a seamless flow between interiors and an inviting outdoor living area.

A modern living room with a sleek fireplace, curved lighting fixture, and minimalist furnishings.
Sleek, modern living room with minimalist furniture, built-in shelving, and dramatic lighting.
Sleek, modern living space with vibrant artwork, built-in shelving, and minimalist furniture.
Striking modern lounge with bold red artwork, tufted leather sofa, and sleek shelving.
Expansive living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek marble accents, and modern furniture.
Modern dining room with wooden ceiling, lighting fixture, and orange accent chairs.
Striking modern interior with bold mural, sculpted staircase, and natural elements.
Elegant modern kitchen with sleek grey cabinetry, marble countertop, and stylish pendant lights.
Sleek, contemporary staircase with glass railings, wooden steps, and decorative plants.
A cozy child's playroom with colorful built-in shelves, a comfy couch, and plush toys.
Bright, playful nursery decor with cloud-shaped shelves and storage units on wooden floor.
A vibrant, modern workspace featuring geometric walls, shelves, and natural wood furnishings.
A cozy nursery with a striking animal-themed wall design, a white crib, and wooden accents.
Minimalist bedroom interior with dark vertical panels, wooden accents, and sleek nightstand.
An outdoor living space with a covered patio, comfortable seating, and an inground pool.
Lush garden surrounds a modern pool deck with sleek loungers and a wooden cabana structure.
A sleek, modern exterior with a bold black facade, large glass windows, and carefully landscaped greenery.

About Vural House

Revitalizing Modern Living: The Essence of Vural House

Located in the serene environs of Göktürk, Istanbul, Vural House emerges as a testament to modern architectural innovation and design finesse by Pimodek Architecture. This private family house, originally built in 1990, underwent a profound transformation in 2021, addressing the urgent needs for functionality and aesthetic enhancement. The redesign respects the house’s legacy while adapting it for contemporary living, showcasing a fusion of privacy, shared spaces, and an immersive connection to the outdoor environment.

A Harmonious Layout for Family Connectivity

Spanning three levels, Vural House meticulously separates private quarters from dynamic communal areas. The ground floor, a hive of daily family interactions, hosts the living room, dining area, and a cozy lounge with a fireplace, all seamlessly opening to a verdant garden. This level also introduces a family room, offering a fluid transition to the kitchen and sports room, reinforcing family bonds. Additionally, accommodations for staff emphasize thoughtful spatial planning.

Redefining Elegance: The Private and Public Spheres

Innovative architectural solutions breathe life into Vural House, notably through the reimagined staircase enhancing both functionality and visual appeal. The private realm of the middle floor encompasses a master bedroom suite, replete with a dressing room, make-up area, and lounge, promising a sanctuary of tranquility. Children’s rooms, a nurse’s room, and a reading nook overlooking the living room further populate this level. The attic transforms into a productive retreat with a workroom and guest accommodations.

Aesthetic Continuity through Color and Material

Vural House stands out for its considered use of a grey and white palette, enriched with natural stones and warm wooden touches, ensuring aesthetic continuity. Artistic endeavors punctuate the minimalistic flow, featuring works by renowned artists, which, alongside carefully selected furniture and decorative pieces, inject personality and vibrance. The interior’s dialogue with the exterior extends through expansive openings, with a swimming pool and meticulously landscaped garden encapsulating contemporary elegance.

In every aspect, Vural House is a pinnacle of modern architectural practice, offering a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment tailored for family life in the heart of Istanbul. Its transformation from a 1990s structure into a contemporary masterpiece underscores the power of thoughtful design in creating meaningful living spaces.

Photography by İbrahim Özbunar
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- by Matt Watts