La Jolla II Beach House: A New Vision in Lima’s Realty

Discover La Jolla II Beach House in Lima, Peru, a stunning 2023 design by Atelier Lima. This house redefines beachside luxury, integrating family areas with breathtaking views of the sea and a lagoon. Its innovative design enhances natural light, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, setting a new standard in modern living.

Modern white minimalist house with large windows and garage door.
Bright indoor space featuring wooden stairs with integrated planters, a glass railing, and
Modern open-plan living space with kitchen, dining, and living areas.
Spacious interior with sleek design, open plan living area, and minimalistic decor
Bright, open-plan dining space with glass table and copper pendants.
Contemporary bedroom with sleek design and panoramic view.
Sleek patio with slatted roof, dining set, and ocean view.
Modern white house with large windows, lawn, and an outdoor swimming pool.
Modern white minimalist house with large garage door.
Contemporary white house with geometric design and large overhang.

About La Jolla II Beach House

A Modern Sanctuary: La Jolla II Beach House

Positioned in the exclusive La Jolla Condominium in Lima, Peru, the La Jolla II Beach House, designed by the visionary Atelier Lima in 2023, presents an architectural marvel that blurs the lines between the serene beauty of the sea and contemporary living. The house occupies a prime spot on a 300 m² (approximately 3229 ft²) plot, directly facing an artificial lagoon and offering unobstructed sea views, particularly enjoyed from the second floor.

This modern home is meticulously planned over two levels to take advantage of the sloping terrain, which naturally elevates the living spaces, providing them with ample sunlight and stunning vistas. Unlike conventional beach houses, the La Jolla II Beach House flips the script by situating the main living areas on the upper floor to maximize the scenic views and natural light.

Innovative Design and Spatial Fluidity

The ground floor, traditionally shadowed by its upper counterpart, defies expectations by incorporating a unique family room designed as an amphitheater. This ingenious space not only introduces light throughout the lower level but also seamlessly connects the entrance patio to the living room and the outdoor terrace, creating a cohesive flow. The choice of materials and the architectural form foster an “informal” space that encourages family activities, erasing the boundaries between the home’s various levels.

Seamless Integration with Nature

At the heart of the design is the ambition to create a living space that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The social areas on the second level are designed to be both functionally and visually integrated, offering open, breathable spaces that make the most of the picturesque setting. The La Jolla II Beach House stands as a testament to modern architectural practices, prioritizing natural light, spatial flexibility, and the blending of indoor and outdoor environments.

With its innovative design and strategic use of space, the La Jolla II Beach House by Atelier Lima offers a fresh perspective on beachside living, where every detail contributes to a relaxed, yet sophisticated lifestyle. This project not only enhances the architectural landscape of Lima, Peru but also sets a new benchmark for contemporary house designs worldwide.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Lima
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- by Matt Watts