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Casamar Housing Complex: Beachfront Getaway in Peru

Casamar Housing Complex: Beachfront Getaway in Peru

Perched on the Northern Peruvian Sea in Zorritos, Peru, Casamar Housing Complex is a beachfront real estate designed by Cuatro Cero Cuatro Arquitectura in 2022. This beach retreat was the dream of five friends who wanted a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so they divided a parcel of land into five homogenous units, all 8 meters by 100 meters. The complex, known as Casa M1, is designed with complete privacy between each unit and utilizes thermodynamics to combat the equatorial climate. Natural light streams through overhead lights, while balconies draw cool air from the wide southwest void, making it an inviting and pleasant place to stay.

Casa Lava by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

FeaturedCasa Lava by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Casa Lava, an architectural marvel nestled in the heart of Lima, Peru, conceived by the innovative designer Martin Dulanto Sangalli. This two-story house is a paragon of contemporary design, deftly marrying brick and modern aesthetics while achieving an intimate rapport with nature.

Perched on a landscape that remains authentically untouched, the structure is meticulously adapted to the unique Peruvian topography, upholding its integrity and blending seamlessly into its environs. Casa Lava illustrates a gentle yet potent symbiosis between architecture and nature, resulting in comfortable spaces teeming with high-quality spatial grandeur.

Discover the warmth and beauty of Lima’s serene oasis, Casa Lava, where design meets nature in harmonious coexistence.