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Casas Elilula: Elevated Beach Villa with Timber Megastructure

A two-story wooden vacation home with open balconies, large windows, and a tropical setting.

Casas Elilula, a captivating collection of beach bungalows and a stunning villa, designed by renowned architect Elisa Commanay, has emerged in Belém, Brazil, offering a harmonious fusion of modern architecture and immersive nature. Comprising the fragmented Casa La, the interconnected Casa Lu, and the elevated Casa Eli, this remarkable real estate project seamlessly integrates with its lush, oceanfront surroundings, prioritizing sustainable design and fostering a dynamic creative community through the Elilula Collective.

Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus: A Revolutionary Approach to Apartment Design

Striking attic space with angled windows, plush seating, and minimalist furnishings.

Discover Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus in Munich, Germany, a masterpiece by Peter Haimerl Architektur. This apartment building, designed in 2023, challenges traditional living concepts with its honeycomb structure, optimizing space and light in innovative ways. It offers a unique lifestyle with communal and private spaces, seamlessly blended to elevate urban living.

Undone: A Tehran House with a Story in Every Wall

Modern interior with concrete pillars, staircase, and ambient lighting.

Embark on a journey with “Undone,” a house distinctive for its raw aesthetic in Tehran, Iran. Designed by Ontic Works Inc. in 2021, this project reimagines traditional living spaces. Amid socio-economic adversity, it stands as a monument to resilience, blending generations of history within its walls. Beyond its rugged facade, Undone harmoniously accommodates living, working, and dancing, challenging conventional privacy norms and fostering communal bonds.