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Deos: Luxurious Aegean Resort Designed by GM Architects

Minimalist Mediterranean architecture with ornate pottery and lush greenery.

The Deos resort in Mykonos, Greece, designed by the renowned GM Architects, is set to redefine luxury destinations in the Aegean. This multidisciplinary project, encompassing master planning, architecture, and interior design, showcases the firm’s expertise in crafting exceptional seaside experiences.

Blending modern Cycladic architecture with carefully curated local finishes and furniture, the resort promises a multi-sensorial journey, from the magnificent pool area overlooking the Aegean Sea to the private suites with their expansive terraces and private pools.

Gundari Resort: Embodying the Cycladic Spirit in Greece’s Hidden Gem

An impressive stone-walled terrace with a water feature set against a rugged hillside.

Gundari Resort, a captivating hotel design by block722, is set to redefine the harmony between nature and architecture in the breathtaking island of Folegandros, Greece. Blending the timeless Cycladic tradition with a modern, organic sensibility, this 80-acre hotel complex seamlessly melds with the surrounding cliffs and the boundless Aegean Sea, offering guests a harmonious retreat where architectural artistry and nature’s wonders coalesce in perfect unison.