Anemelia Mykonos Hotel: A Fresh Take on Cycladic Luxury

Explore the exquisite Anemelia Mykonos Hotel in Greece, designed by A&M Architects. This boutique hotel, poised above Lia beach, combines local Cycladic architecture with modern luxury, offering guests majestic sea views and beautifully crafted indoor and communal spaces. Experience elegance and hospitality redefined in this 2024 architectural masterpiece.

An elegant, modern dining area with a concrete dining table, plush seating, and a striking chandelier.
Elegant wood-and-stone bar with artistic lighting and shelving displaying glassware.
A cozy bedroom with a rustic stone wall, wooden beams, and panoramic windows overlooking a scenic landscape.
Rustic bedroom with stone walls, wood beams, and a cozy seating area overlooking the view.
Rustic outdoor patio with thatched roof, stone walls, pool, and sun loungers.
Warm, minimalist bedroom with wooden shelving, neutral tones, and cozy furnishings.
A minimalistic, earthy bathroom design with natural stone and textured surfaces.
Modern bathroom with stone vessel sink, wood stool, and minimalist mirror frame.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a glass shower, a circular mirror, and dark marble sink.
Rustic outdoor terrace with stone walls, thatched roof, and cozy seating area overlooking the sea.
Minimalist architecture with a stone wall, pool, and scenic ocean view in the distance.

About Anemelia Mykonos Hotel

Introducing the Anemelia Mykonos Hotel

Located on the picturesque south-eastern edge of Mykonos, the Anemelia Mykonos Hotel, designed by the renowned A&M Architects, stands prominently above the sophisticated Lia beach. Set for a grand opening in 2024, this boutique hotel is a masterpiece of design, harmoniously blending the local Cycladic elements with contemporary luxury. The hotel boasts an impressive array of 18 rooms, each thoughtfully categorized into three different types based on their size and location, ensuring a bespoke experience for every guest.

Design Philosophy and Material Use

A cornerstone of the hotel’s architectural philosophy is its deep respect for Mykonian tradition. Materials predominantly sourced from the Cyclades, such as local stone and white masonry, pay homage to the iconic whitewashed alleys of Chora. This element, combined with wooden pergolas and carefully chosen fabrics, reflects the textures and hues of Mykonos’ sandy landscapes, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Upon entering Anemelia Mykonos Hotel, guests are greeted with a space designed not just as a reception but as an inviting welcome area. This strategic design enhances the flow of movement, guiding guests effortlessly to the adjacent pool bar for their initial welcoming. The strategically placed pool, nestled between the restaurant and the panoramic sea view, complements the tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, the hotel houses a uniquely designed spa, reminiscent of a modern cave, offering a serene retreat and an immersive relaxation experience.

In essence, Anemelia Mykonos Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a carefully crafted experience that engages every sense, promising not only a luxurious stay but a true immersion into the spirit of Mykonos.

Photography by Anima Vision
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- by Matt Watts