Gundari Resort: Embodying the Cycladic Spirit in Greece’s Hidden Gem

Gundari Resort, a captivating hotel design by block722, is set to redefine the harmony between nature and architecture in the breathtaking island of Folegandros, Greece. Blending the timeless Cycladic tradition with a modern, organic sensibility, this 80-acre hotel complex seamlessly melds with the surrounding cliffs and the boundless Aegean Sea, offering guests a harmonious retreat where architectural artistry and nature’s wonders coalesce in perfect unison.

An impressive stone-walled terrace with a water feature set against a rugged hillside.
Spacious, sun-drenched outdoor lounge with rustic wooden beams, sleek furnishings, and stunning sea view.
A rustic, stone-walled interior with exposed wooden beams, white curtains, and warm furnishings.
Cozy mid-century modern living room with wooden shelving, plush leather furnishings.
Cozy living room with minimalist furniture and natural materials, creating a serene ambiance.
Minimalist bedroom with warm tones, large window, and clean architectural lines.
Minimalist bedroom with a large wooden bed, suspended lamps, and a sleek, modern design.
Modern bathroom with stone wall, wooden accents, and minimalist design.
An outdoor dining area with rustic wooden furnishings, set against a breathtaking ocean view.
Cozy outdoor seating area with rustic stone walls, metal furniture, and greenery.
A scenic infinity pool with a tiered wooden deck and a clear view of the distant ocean.
Dramatic rock formation overlooking a tranquil pool against a clear blue sky.

About Gundari Resort

Nestled within the captivating Greek island of Folegandros, Gundari Resort stands as a harmonious fusion of nature and architectural artistry. Designed in 2024 by the renowned block722, this 80-acre (32.4-hectare) hotel complex seamlessly blends with the island’s rugged cliffs and the boundless Aegean Sea.

Preserving Cycladic Traditions, Embracing Modern Living

Gundari embodies the timeless Cycladic architectural principles, carefully balancing the natural and built environments. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to preserving the island’s enduring spirit, the resort’s design pays homage to the region’s heritage while embracing the demands of modern living.

Sculpting with Nature’s Canvas

Gundari’s architectural elements are thoughtfully conceived as an organic extension of the cliffs, framing the breathtaking sea vistas. Artfully employed stone walls, delicate wooden structures, and serene surfaces seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape, creating a harmonious and immersive experience.

Suites and Villas: Oases of Tranquility

Each of Gundari’s 27 suites and villas is a masterpiece of natural materials and thoughtfully curated furnishings. Blending effortlessly with the earth beneath, these private sanctuaries offer open-air showers that rekindle a connection with nature’s rhythms.

The Heart of Gundari: Bar-Restaurant and Spa

Strategically positioned, the Bar-Restaurant serves as a captivating gathering space, inviting guests to socialize amidst the stunning surroundings. Meanwhile, the lower zone of the complex houses the spa and executive suites, concealed within the earth to create an intimate and serene ambiance.

Becoming Part of Folegandros’ Enduring Narrative

Staying at Gundari is more than just a vacation; it’s an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates guests into the island’s timeless narrative. Here, architectural artistry and nature’s wonders coalesce in perfect unison, offering a transformative journey for all who venture within.

Photography by Ana Santl
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- by Matt Watts