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SBT Boutique Hotel: A Marche Gem by Plus Ultra Studio

Modern living room with archways, beige sofa, and wooden ceiling beams.

Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance at SBT, a stunning 18th-century country mansion reimagined by Plus Ultra Studio into a luxurious boutique hotel in Marche, Italy.

Retaining its original pathways and transforming its entrance portico into a winter garden, SBT harmoniously integrates modern design with its pastoral roots. Each suite uniquely designed, SBT offers a serene retreat, balancing contemporary flair with the warmth of a country estate. The hotel’s heart, a grand central salon, preserves its convivial spirit, inviting guests to share and connect.

Discover this exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, where country charm meets refined sophistication.

Black Diamond: Sydney’s Boutique Hotel-Style Home

Modern living room with plush sofas, wooden floors, and a staircase.

Discover Black Diamond, a three-story house in Sydney, Australia, artfully reimagined by YSG Studio. This 2023 renovation transforms a once-oppressive space into a tranquil, tactile haven, blending boutique hotel luxury with intimate, gem-hued living spaces. Experience the seamless flow from indoor to outdoor areas, now showcasing stunning Sydney Harbour views. Delight in the home’s unique design elements: from a kitchen island glittering like its namesake to cleverly placed lighting and materials that enhance the sensory experience.

Step inside this architectural masterpiece, where every detail echoes the tranquility and vibrancy of its coastal setting.

Hotel Max Brown Missori: Where Vintage Meets Modern

Modern hotel room interior with a neatly made bed, wooden furnishings, and warm lighting

Welcome to Hotel Max Brown Missori, the latest addition to Milan’s boutique hotel scene. Designed by Saar Zafrir, this mid-century styled retreat in the heart of Italy’s fashion capital combines playful aesthetics with comfort. From its 70s-inspired common areas to rooms equipped with SMEG kettles and Crosley turntables, every detail reflects a commitment to style and sustainability.

Outdoor Edge Living: Suites with Sunset Vistas

Outdoor Edge Living: Suites with Sunset Vistas

Welcome to Outdoor Edge Living, a breathtaking fusion of traditional Cycladic architecture and modern luxury set against the azure backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Taka + Partners have masterfully designed this boutique hotel located in Íos, Greece, where the historic charm of the island’s picturesque village meets the serene expanse of Mylopotas beach.

Featuring twelve exquisite suites, each with private courtyards and pools, the project offers an unparalleled sanctuary where every detail, from the cobblestone walkways to the Naxos marble interiors, echoes the island’s storied heritage and natural splendor.

Homa Vagia: Integrating Minimalist Design in Greece’s Natural Landscape

Homa Vagia: Integrating Minimalist Design in Greece’s Natural Landscape

Unearth the architectural marvel of Homa Vagia, a boutique hotel steeped in minimalist, concrete design, nestled in the picturesque Vágia, Greece. Crafted meticulously by Mold Architects in 2022, this distinctive structure spans over 1,935 square feet (180 m2) and offers three independent lodgings, each blessed with privacy, comfort, and mesmerizing sea views.

The design draws inspiration from the area’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant mining history, manifesting itself as an intriguing blend of the natural and man-made, all while respecting the innate curvature of the landscape. Private swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and expansive living areas provide guests with a luxurious, intimate retreat.

Discover how this embodiment of serenity and elegance brings a new depth to boutique hospitality.

Under the Tree Beach Club by Various Associates

Under the Tree Beach Club by Various Associates

Experience a modern beach journey at the newly upgraded Under The Tree Beach Club at The Sanya EDITION – a luxury boutique hotel located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, China.

Designed by Various Associates and opened in 2022, this unique getaway embraces local aesthetic features of lush greenery, textured materials in original colors, and soft lighting that blend with the existing landscapes and protected trees on the site.