Hotel Max Brown Missori: Where Vintage Meets Modern

Welcome to Hotel Max Brown Missori, the latest addition to Milan’s boutique hotel scene. Designed by Saar Zafrir, this mid-century styled retreat in the heart of Italy’s fashion capital combines playful aesthetics with comfort. From its 70s-inspired common areas to rooms equipped with SMEG kettles and Crosley turntables, every detail reflects a commitment to style and sustainability.

Modern hotel room interior with a neatly made bed, wooden furnishings, and warm lighting
Modern bedroom with white bedding, wooden headboard, and accent pillows.
Modern bedroom with a yellow bed, patterned floor, and vintage furniture.
Modern bathroom with green tile, illuminated mirror, and white fixtures.
Cozy bedroom with a neatly made bed, open balcony door, and warm lighting
Modern bathroom with beige tiles, bathtub, sink, and large mirror.
Modern hallway with checkered floor, yellow walls, and numbered doors.
Modern hotel lobby with circular reception desk, retro chairs, and checkered floor.
Elegant dining room with wooden wainscoting and soft lighting.

About Hotel Max Brown

Max Brown Missori: Milan’s Latest Architectural Marvel

Max Brown Hotels announces its exciting expansion into Italy with the opening of Max Brown Missori. Situated in the vibrant heart of Milan, this boutique hotel marks the sixth European establishment under the Sircle Collection group. It joins the ranks of Amsterdam, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Milan, further cementing the brand’s growing presence.

Elegant Accommodations with a Playful Twist

Max Brown Missori boasts 64 rooms, from the snug “tiny” to the generous “extra large.” Each room, meticulously designed, strikes a perfect balance between playful aesthetics and comfort at competitive rates. Guests can enjoy high-quality amenities like SMEG kettles, Crosley turntables, and bed frames made from recycled plastic. The hotel, originally an old Milanese building, underwent a stylish renovation led by designer Saar Zafrir and the Sircle Collection design team. The common areas now feature a sophisticated 70s-inspired design, enriched with vintage elements.

Togo sofas, classic billiard tables, and an assortment of select coffee table books adorn these spaces. Vintage patterns, natural materials like wood and stone, and warm tones of chestnut brown and orange create a welcoming atmosphere. Most original furniture pieces have been lovingly restored, adding a layer of authenticity. Furniture no longer in use has been donated to local organizations like Casa della Speranza, showcasing the group’s commitment to sustainability and community support.

A Hub of Art and Culture

Max Brown Missori proudly features works from local artists, including Emanuele Napolitano, Rossano Liberatore, and Enrico Nagel. The ground floor, thoughtfully designed as a dynamic exhibition space, hosts a series of temporary exhibits. These displays introduce the work of emerging artists. For the opening, the hotel showcases pieces from Palazzo Monti’s private collection, featuring artists like Jean-François Le Minh and Ricardo Partida.

The hotel’s common area welcomes guests into a warm, lively setting ideal for socializing, relaxing, or working. Additionally, a stylish bar with original vintage furniture pieces, such as a wooden counter, remains open all day to cater to guests’ needs.

Andrea Piantanida, Cluster General Manager of Max Brown Missori, expresses pride in joining the Sircle Collection team. He is thrilled to kick off 2024 with the opening of the group’s first Italian hotel. Max Brown Missori embodies the essence of Max Brown – a delightful, cheerful home for travelers seeking an authentic city experience. The team’s goal is to create unforgettable experiences for every guest.

Located just a short distance from Milan’s famous Duomo, Giardini della Guastalla, and the historic Torre Velasca, Max Brown Missori serves as an ideal starting point to explore Milan’s rich cultural heritage.

Photography by Steve Herud

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- by Matt Watts