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Mockingbird: Modern Desert Oasis by The Ranch Mine

FeaturedModern desert home with large windows and cacti in front.

Discover Mockingbird, a masterpiece in Paradise Valley, Arizona, where The Ranch Mine architects blend modern design with the desert’s raw beauty. This courtyard-style home redefines luxury with its harmonious indoor-outdoor living, inspired by the resilient ocotillo plants and the rugged mountains.

Experience how Mockingbird‘s modest height, sunken fire pit, lap pool, and organic interiors embrace Arizona’s sun-drenched allure, offering a sanctuary that truly celebrates its natural surroundings.

Casa la Chinita: A Circular Vision in Chile’s Desert Oasis

Modern wooden house with large glass doors surrounded by native plants.

Discover Casa la Chinita in Chile’s IV Region, a retreat designed in 2021 by DX Arquitectos. This vacation house beautifully blurs the lines between inside and out, inspired by unity and the surrounding wild Pacific. Its central terrace and cleverly hidden intimate spaces create a unique experience, harmonizing with the natural elements of the Atacama Desert gateway.

M20: A Sculptural Masterpiece Amidst Nevada’s Desert Landscape

M20: A Sculptural Masterpiece Amidst Nevada’s Desert Landscape

Immerse yourself in the beauty of M20, a stunning single-story desert-style home in Las Vegas, Nevada, designed by the renowned architect Daniel Joseph Chenin.

Nestled at an elevation of 2,995 feet (913 meters), this private residence offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley and the striking Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. With sharp edges, clean lines, and an emphasis on natural light, M20 is a true architectural marvel that fuses functionality with a minimalist aesthetic.