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Victoria House: A Masterpiece of Renovation and Design by AD

FeaturedSleek, modern kitchen with dark cabinets, stone countertops, and pendant lighting.

Delve into the transformation of Victoria House, a Melbourne dwelling reimagined by Design by AD. This project merges heritage charm with contemporary needs, expanding a Spanish villa-inspired design into a spacious, light-filled home. Through strategic renovations, the house on its narrow lot now boasts flexible spaces, seamlessly connecting the old with the new.

McPhail House: Blending Heritage with Modern Design

FeaturedModern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a garden.

McPhail House, a stunning extension in Essendon, Melbourne by Design by AD, beautifully integrates a classic cottage’s heritage with contemporary elements. Maintaining the neighborhood’s charm, this modern addition enhances the property with light-filled, open spaces. The design skillfully balances old and new using consistent materials and tones.

Enhanced by KPLA’s landscape design and constructed by Align Concepts, McPhail House stands as a symbol of timeless, sophisticated design.