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Brickyard: A Modern Legacy Home in Chicago

FeaturedModern two-story brick house with large trees and a fence.

Brickyard, a remarkable house designed by dSPACE Studio, redefines luxury and sustainability in Chicago. This modern, eco-friendly home features an innovative perforated brick wall, offering privacy and natural light in perfect harmony. Equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels and a green roof, Brickyard stands as a testament to future-proof living in Chicago’s vibrant urban setting.

Horizon House: A Modern Beach Oasis in New Buffalo

FeaturedModern beachfront living room with large windows and minimalistic decor.

Horizon House by dSPACE Studio in New Buffalo, Michigan, is a contemporary beach-style weekend house that redefines luxury living. Designed for globetrotting clients, this two-story sanctuary an hour from Chicago offers a St. Barths-inspired experience on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Experience the unique blend of sophistication and tranquility in this stunning weekend retreat.

Tree House: A Minimalist Retreat in Indiana’s Dunes

Modern cubic house with white facade amidst green trees with red car parked underneath.

Explore the Tree House, dSPACE Studio‘s 2022 creation in Beverly Shores, Indiana, USA. This minimalist vacation retreat, set within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, offers a harmonious blend with its environment. Its vertical architecture provides stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, while prioritizing sustainability with features like radiant floor heating and LED lighting.

Experience luxury and eco-conscious design in perfect unison.

Zinc House by dSpace Studio

FeaturedZinc House by dSpace Studio

Zinc House is a lakeview home located in Chicago, Illinois, designed for a couple and their three children. They wanted a home with a strong connection to the outdoors that preserved privacy in their dense urban neighborhood. Program requirements included open-plan living with space for art, master suite with deck, gym, sport court, live-work space, and a kid’s hangout room with bunks for sleepovers.