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Madrone Ridge: Copper-Clad Home Design in Sonoma

FeaturedStriking modern architecture with clean lines and natural landscaping elements.

Sonoma County’s Madrone Ridge House showcases the innovative design of Field Architecture. This striking single-family residence, completed in 2021, features a thoughtful integration of three copper-clad pavilions that interlock with the surrounding landscape. The project’s design caters to a young family, offering a strong connection to the natural environment through carefully orchestrated breezeways and perforated roof overhangs that create a captivating interplay of light and shadow throughout the home.

Rustic Grade: Embracing Minimalism in a Canadian Forest

A modern, minimalist cabin with sleek grey exterior, large windows, and warm interior lighting.

Discover Rustic Grade, a minimalist chalet in Canada, designed by Maurice Martel. This south-facing refuge embodies harmony with nature, offering a journey of spiritual renewal through its simple yet sophisticated architecture. Integrating durable materials and optimizing space, this chalet stands as a testament to an economical yet comfortable dwelling amidst a lush forest and river soundscape.

La Masoveria: A Modern Take on Girona’s Traditional Farmhouses

Cozy kitchen with wooden beams, neutral tones, and terracotta tile flooring.

La Masoveria, designed by Nook Architects in 2023, beautifully marries tradition with modern necessities in Girona, Spain. This apartment transformation within a historic farmhouse complex introduces new living spaces without compromising its rich heritage. Utilizing traditional materials, the design fosters a seamless connection between the indoors and the verdant outdoors, thus offering a fresh perspective on rural living.

Eco Wise Haus: Maximizing Space with Eco-Friendly Design

FeaturedModern house with infinity pool overlooking mountains.

Discover the Eco Wise Haus, designed by Felipe Ortega Arquitectura in 2023. Located in MatarĂ³, Spain, next to the Montnegre park, this house sets a new benchmark for sustainable living. Designed under PassiveHaus standards, it brings together energy efficiency and innovative use of space across 230 square meters. This two-family residence features 8 bedrooms, smart material choices, and is a testament to sustainable, modern architecture.