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Choc House: Minimalist Elegance in Israel

FeaturedModern living room with white walls, large windows, and stylish furniture.

Welcome to The Choc House, a stunning four-story home in Even Yehuda, Israel, brilliantly transformed by designer Yael Perry. Originally donned in rustic style, this 2023 renovation showcases a striking minimalist and modern aesthetic.

This architectural marvel redefines modern living, balancing straight and curved lines, and celebrates natural light, turning the Choc House into a breathtaking example of modern Israeli design.

Modern Nostalgia: A Blend of Old Charm and Modern Elegance

FeaturedModern Nostalgia: A Blend of Old Charm and Modern Elegance

Welcome to Modern Nostalgia, an emblem of luxury design in Even Yehuda, Israel. Under the innovative vision of renowned interior designer Adi Aronov, a once old and dilapidated residence has been transformed into a stunning modern masterpiece, ingeniously blending the charm of its past with the elegance of contemporary architecture.

This home’s journey mirrors its owners’ life, returning from abroad to find their heart’s desire in their initial humble abode. Retaining original elements like the façade and a symbolic concrete pillar, this 170 sqm (1,830 sq ft) expansion showcases a fusion of nostalgia and modernity in its design language, while offering a luxurious lifestyle against a backdrop of lush landscapes.