Choc House: Minimalist Elegance in Israel

Welcome to The Choc House, a stunning four-story home in Even Yehuda, Israel, brilliantly transformed by designer Yael Perry. Originally donned in rustic style, this 2023 renovation showcases a striking minimalist and modern aesthetic.

This architectural marvel redefines modern living, balancing straight and curved lines, and celebrates natural light, turning the Choc House into a breathtaking example of modern Israeli design.

Modern living room with white walls, large windows, and stylish furniture.
Modern room with white walls, unique orange sofa, and wooden pendant lights.
Modern minimalist living room with a black lounge chair and large windows displaying greenery.
Modern interior with a white bookshelf, black table and chairs, and a view
Modern minimalist dining room with a colorful bookshelf, black table, and exposed concrete
Modern kitchen with dark cabinets, central island, and concrete floors.
Modern kitchen with dark cabinetry, bar stools, and minimalist decor.
Modern kitchen with sleek stairs and glass block wall.
Modern bedroom with dark wood wardrobe, white walls, and textured bedspread.
Minimalist bedroom with gray walls, pendant light, and bedside table.
Minimalist bathroom with a curved vanity, large mirror, and freestanding tub
Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, gray walls, and minimalistic design.
Modern outdoor patio with furniture and open sliding doors to interior.

About Choc House

A Complete Overhaul

The Choc House, a four-story dwelling in Israel, transitioned from rustic to a modern masterpiece. Numerous infrastructure issues prompted this comprehensive redesign. The renovation infused the home with a minimalistic, modern vibe, and a palette of monochromatic grays, chocolate hues, and splashes of orange and pink.

Embracing Natural Elements

Natural materials like stone, wood, stainless steel, brass, and glass give the house its distinct character. These elements combine harmoniously, reflecting a modern, minimalist approach.

Revitalizing the Entrance and Lower Levels

Upon entering the Choc House, guests encounter a bright, open area featuring kitchen, dining, and living spaces, extending to the garden. The removal of old partitions allowed a flood of natural light, enhancing the openness. The kitchen showcases a blend of wood, stone, stainless steel, and Rezina, with floor-to-ceiling cabinets hiding appliances and a circular door linking to the living room. The design also boasts a stainless steel kitchen bar, perfect for both cooking and casual dining.

The Staircase: Merging Function and Form

The staircase renovation was a pivotal part of the project. We replaced the old stair covering and railing, applying Rezina for a sleek, durable finish. A custom iron railing with gentle curves integrates seamlessly with the house’s design theme.

Upper Levels: A Study in Minimalism

The upper levels, including the master bedroom, underwent significant changes. We removed partitions and reinforced the ceiling, ensuring structural integrity. The minimalist bathroom features a free-standing bath and a new curved concrete brick wall around the shower. The master bedroom, painted in gray Rezina, includes a spacious bed and a cozy work area.

Transforming the Basement

The basement, previously cramped and disjointed, now serves as an open, functional living area. The removal of walls created a cohesive space, with a bathroom for younger family members featuring a pink hue and a curved wall.

In conclusion, The Choc House stands as a testament to the transformative power of interior design, seamlessly blending the old with the new and celebrating natural materials.

Photography by Karin Ravenna

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- by Matt Watts