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Choc House: Minimalist Elegance in Israel

FeaturedModern living room with white walls, large windows, and stylish furniture.

Welcome to The Choc House, a stunning four-story home in Even Yehuda, Israel, brilliantly transformed by designer Yael Perry. Originally donned in rustic style, this 2023 renovation showcases a striking minimalist and modern aesthetic.

This architectural marvel redefines modern living, balancing straight and curved lines, and celebrates natural light, turning the Choc House into a breathtaking example of modern Israeli design.

PL Apartment by Yael Perry

PL Apartment by Yael Perry

Located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, PL Apartment is a 115 sqm (1231 sqft) apartment designed by interior designer Yael Perry in 2022.

Featuring a contemporary design style, it was designed for a couple with a girl and a dog who wanted a cozy and open plan. PL Apartment features a home office, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area and living room, as well as custom made birch wood cabinets. Various design elements and materials, such as glass, oak wood dining table, black chairs, black natural stone, and terrazzo, were used to create a harmonious and modern whole.