E|A Apartment by Yael Perry

Redesigned in 2019 by Yael Perry, this inspiring scandi-style apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


This renovated apartment in the city of Tel Aviv was divided by a long central closet & include hidden spots & spaces. The customers asked for many storage spaces & most of the storage spaces & furnitures were custom made for the family.

The 95 sqm flat features two living areas:

Public space | include living room & kitchen
Private area | include master bedroom & kids bedrooms.
The apartment has several hidden spots and storages, all created with bespoke carpentry.

The Entrance

Next to the entrance area located a black box that include a hidden home office, The living room TV flat screen & on its back side, on the master bathroom area, the washing machine storage.

The Public Area

Living Room & Kitchen:

concrete partitions that couldn’t be removed during the demolition work defines the living room & kitchen areas. concrete benches were poured a long those partitions & used for sitting, books & connect between the two areas.

Master Bedroom:

A long dark central closet divides the main area to two zones & define the master bedroom area. A hidden door leads to the master bedroom.
Behind the master bed board is an additional storage space for the couple. The Master bathroom include a minimalist black & white bathroom with a sense of spa for the couple & on the other side of the bathroom, located a hidden space for the washing machine in a pink storage above a concrete platform.

Kids Bedrooms:

2 bedrooms were planned & designed for the kids. On The girl bedroom the large window was framed by a black wood frame including a storage space underneath. A long closet including desk by a bespoke carpentry were planned for the girl.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts

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