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This modern 100 sqm apartment located in Tel Aviv, Isreal, has been recently redesigned by Yael Perry.

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Block colours, frames, cubes & hidden spaces features in a 100 sqm renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Yael Perry was initially asked to create private spaces that will be able to transform & be a part of the public space as well as working spots at the living area.
all internal partitions were removed & new custom made carpentry & pivot doors redefined the private spaces.

A 6 meter floor-to-ceiling unit defines the master suite by wooden panelling & metal frames including integrated wooden closing system.

At the master bathroom, 3d cubes were custom made for wet & dry seats. The cubes were covered with pink acrylic plaster to suit the humid climate and create a rough seat in the shower.

The kitchen was relocated by the living room, contains cupboards to hide clutter, the dishwasher and refrigerator. black Ploiform’s shaker units cover the wall & provide practical frames for daily use.

Oak dining table is Integrated with the kitchen island & continues the interior design concept.

The home office is separated from the public space by glazed pivot doors & provides occasional privacy when it is used as a guest room.

The living room includes 2 cosy padded sofas for a range of situations such as seating, entertaining & working.

Between the master suite & the terrace a framed window provides a quiet nook for reading, working & morning coffee.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts