Home Base Tel-Aviv by K.O.T Architects

Nestled in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel’s vibrant and artistically-rich Florentine neighborhood, lies a modern architectural marvel known as Home Base Tel-Aviv. Masterfully designed in 2020 by Kfir Galatia Azulay of KOT Design House, this stunning apartment is a fusion of personal intimacy and cosmopolitan luxury. Born from the global shift towards a more home-centric lifestyle, this home-base is an ode to the new urban living. It eloquently straddles the fine line between public and private, blending the sophistication of a high-end hotel with the warmth and comfort of a home.

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About Home Base Tel-Aviv

A Shift in Perception: The Evolution of Home

This past year has sparked a radical shift worldwide in how we perceive our homes. The luxurious hotel vacation seems like a distant dream for many. Work is now often conducted from home, and social interactions—whether with family, friends, or potential romantic interests—occur in the same space where we start and end our days. This changing dynamic has prompted us to approach our surroundings with a new sense of mental flexibility and creative thinking.

Home Base Project: A New Urban Living Experience

Responding to this evolving global reality, Kfir Galatia Azulay, an Architect and Interior Designer at the Tel Aviv-based design house KOT, has recently completed an apartment design perfectly suited for a young bachelor’s urban lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of the Florentine neighborhood, Azulay’s HOME BASE project captures the essence of the new urban lifestyle.

The Vision: Balancing Dual Living Experiences

Galatia-Azulay aimed to blend two contrasting living experiences in his design. On one side, he wanted to create a space that felt personal, intimate, protective, and ambient. On the other, he sought to instill a sense of luxury, a cosmopolitan vibe, pampering elements, and state-of-the-art features. This fine balance gave birth to a hotel-like apartment that treads the thin line between public and private, illuminated and shaded, transparent and concealed.

Drawing inspiration from Indian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur’s quote, “I am not a hotel room. I am home,” Galatia-Azulay views the urban living experience as a perpetual vacation from home—a concept deeply ingrained in his current projects.

The Setting: Florentine Neighborhood

Situated in a modernist residential building in the iconic Florentine neighborhood, the apartment stands in a hub that has recently attracted intellectuals, artists, filmmakers, and members of the LGBT community. The original apartment was isolated from its external surroundings, consisting of a dim foyer, two enclosed rooms, a closed-off kitchen, a shower lacking ventilation, and a balcony used for storage.

The Transformation: A Modern and Open Living Space

The renovated apartment now features a contemporary open kitchen, a spacious living room complete with a dinette, a private bedroom, a dedicated bathroom, and a covered sun terrace. During the renovation, all existing infrastructure underwent an upgrade, creating a home that is as modern and vibrant as its Florentine surroundings.

Photography courtesy of K.O.T Architects

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- by Matt Watts