Apartment N08 by DontDIY

Apartment N08 located in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a modernist apartment recently completed by DontDIY.

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About Apartment N08

Melding Classic and Modern Design in Amsterdam

Nestled in one of Amsterdam’s iconic modernist residential buildings, Apartment N08 stands as a testament to design evolution. Intricately blending classic and modernist motifs, it speaks a fresh, contemporary language. By skillfully fusing traditional architectural order with a myriad of materials, the space unveils a multi-layered stylistic narrative. Central to its design, a reinterpretation of the classical order boasts a vertical sequence: plinth, middle section, and cornice. This layout, spanning the apartment, imparts both continuity and uniformity. Furthermore, diverse wall paneling—be it wooden or in soft pastel hues—alternates between linear motifs to angled frames, artfully showcasing selected art pieces.

Harmonizing Openness and Privacy

In pursuit of harmonizing openness with seclusion, expansive sliding doors step in, infusing flexibility into the living space. Tactfully, the design pays homage to the building’s historical essence, blending the breezy openness intrinsic to the Modernist mindset with rich Post-Modern touches. Simultaneously, ornate elements like friezes and ornamental wall stuccos nod to time-honored architectural designs. Additionally, a striking polyurethane floor coating encircles broad parquet and stone segments. As a result, this design choice crafts smooth transitions that flow from floor to wall and wall to ceiling.

Focal Points and Luxe Accents

Centrally positioned, a raw concrete fireplace emerges, undeniably anchoring the living area. To complement the apartment’s upscale aspirations, carefully curated artworks and design elements punctuate the interior. These pieces, apart from elevating aesthetics, also inject a rich touch of individuality and diversity.

Historical Context Meets Contemporary Elegance

This project embodies a steadfast conviction: interiors, regardless of how avant-garde, should resonate with their encompassing building’s context and history. In Sofia, this design is a poignant commentary on the juxtaposition of eras. Beyond mere layout, this ethos is palpable in the discerning choice of materials and artifacts. Most notably, while adhering to architectural standards, this apartment has metamorphosed into more than just a domicile. Ultimately, it stands as a treasured urban haven, profoundly cherished by its fortunate residents.

Photography by Assen Emilov

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- by Matt Watts