Casa ADP by Giovanni Aquila

Casa ADP is a modernist apartment redesigned in 2018 by Giovanni Aquila located in Ragusa, Italy.

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About Casa ADP

Stepping into a radically renovated third-floor apartment in Ragusa’s historic center, one is transported to the 1950s. This redesign seamlessly blends modernist undertones with hints of Bauhaus, echoing the heartbeats of architects like Tarchi, Fichera, and Lapadula.

A Fusion of Past and Present

Two merged apartments give birth to a new modernist home. This residence boasts three bedrooms and a spacious living area. Large panoramic windows offer stunning views of the picturesque Sicilian city.

Design Inspired by History

The new design draws inspiration from the adjacent Piazza Libertà, completed in the 1930s. The choice of natural finishes and iconic design furnishings reflects a defined character. Here, everything feels fresh, yet familiar. All these choices cater to the tastes of the homeowners, a young professional couple. They fell in love with the apartment’s abundant natural light.

Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Style

Three grand arches in the living area frame Vico Magistretti’s Tema table and the first edition of Gavina’s renowned Cesca chairs. On one side, the relaxation zone showcases furnishings by Lissoni, Bavuso, and Breuer. Opposite this, a dark grooved wall hides a broad black glass door. It reveals a matte Calacatta gold island in the kitchen, custom-designed and handcrafted.

Intimate Spaces and Entertaining

The apartment layout distinctly separates the master sleeping quarters from the other rooms. This design ensures privacy in various spaces. The aesthetic drama of the rooms doesn’t compromise their flow or functionality. Instead, the heart of the home effortlessly transitions from daily living to entertaining friends.

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- by Matt Watts