Dichroic Cube by Yael Perry

Dichroic Cube is a modern 45 sqm apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, redesigned in 2022 by Yael Perry.

Dichroic Cube by Yael Perry - 1
Dichroic Cube by Yael Perry - 2
Dichroic Cube by Yael Perry - 3
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This 45 sqm apartment, located in a building that was built in the 40s in the heart of Tel Aviv, had dark narrow rooms & was redefined & fully renovated by Interior Designer Yael Perry for her own living.

all internal partitions were removed & a new open space surrounded by windows was created.

An intersection of vitrine windows to the balcony on two fronts, and black framed windows between the sleeping, kitchen & living areas optimized the airflow and natural light propagation while saving a little space in this small-scale apartment.

The interior was divided into new squares by various elements such as different heights, woodwork, exposed concrete beams & more.

Square 1 – a public area including living room, kitchen, home office, and balcony
Square 2 – a private area including bedroom and bathroom

Before entering the construction stages of the project, Perry had to face a few more challenges. After years of neglect, it was necessary to replace the infrastructure. While the property is located on the building’s top floor, it suffered from moisture in the ceiling and walls.

Alongside the project’s engineer & contractor, the damaged ceiling, walls & constructive beams were repaired and the entire property was sealed to prevent recurring water damage.

The main custom woodwork element that splits the space between the private & public areas includes home systems such as air conditioning, TV screen, integral electrical appliances, plumbing, wardrobe, and more.

It creates visual dynamism and movement as it frames and highlights different functions within the same area.

For the interior, and in order to create a clean yet cozy modern space, a monochrome palette was chosen, as well as natural substances and exposed raw materials.

Bright gray Rezina flooring was applied in the entire space as well in the bathroom floor, walls & ceiling to create a clean monochromatic feel.

The whole woodwork was dyed black to create a focal point in the space and to match the monochromatic palette & feel.

Dichroic glass partitions were installed between the spaces. The dichroic glass partitions are partly reflected & transfer light & color in both sides of the space. In addition, during different times of the day, different types of reflections are created, depending on the incoming light & installed lighting which adds character to space.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts