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Harmony: 3P Studio’s Fusion of Memories & Modernity

Modern living room with blue walls, wooden furniture, and an open-plan layout.

Explore Harmony by 3P Studio, a stunning midcentury modern apartment in Florianópolis, Brazil. This design marvel blends the couple’s cherished travel memories with sleek, modern functionality.

Emphasizing natural light and quality of life, each space within the apartment is a tribute to their global adventures, seamlessly integrating cultural elements from their significant travels into the very heart of their home.

Discover how personal history and contemporary design converge in this unique living space.

Cloud Nine by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Cloud Nine by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Introducing Cloud Nine, a chic contemporary apartment nestled in Florianópolis, Brazil. Created by the renowned Studio Gabriel Bordin for the 2019 edition of CASACOR SC, this space showcases exceptional style and innovation.

Defined as a “living bedroom”, the 431 square feet (40m²) area effortlessly embodies the essence of relaxation and contentment. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic state of being on “cloud nine”, this design offers an evocative interplay between aesthetics and comfort. The location also basks in the unique charm of Florianópolis, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. Revel in the cool greyscale tones, accented with carefully curated pieces, all blending seamlessly with the soothing Florianópolis ambiance.