Cloud Nine by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Introducing Cloud Nine, a chic contemporary apartment nestled in Florianópolis, Brazil. Created by the renowned Studio Gabriel Bordin for the 2019 edition of CASACOR SC, this space showcases exceptional style and innovation.

Defined as a “living bedroom”, the 431 square feet (40m²) area effortlessly embodies the essence of relaxation and contentment. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic state of being on “cloud nine”, this design offers an evocative interplay between aesthetics and comfort. The location also basks in the unique charm of Florianópolis, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. Revel in the cool greyscale tones, accented with carefully curated pieces, all blending seamlessly with the soothing Florianópolis ambiance.

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About Cloud Nine

Introducing the Living Bedroom

The CASACOR SC 2019 edition gave birth to a remarkable space best described as a “living bedroom”. The inviting 40m² (430.5ft²) room exudes a sense of restfulness and comfort. Deriving its name from the euphoric phrase “on cloud nine”, Cloud Nine embodies this state of contentment and satisfaction in a contemporary, elemental setting.

The Centerpiece: The Cloud Bed

Architect Gabriel Bordin collaborated with mattress brand Reveev to bring to life the Cloud Bed. This centerpiece deviates from national standards by adopting a lower design, an intentional move to invite relaxation. The Cloud Bed not only creates a less imposing volume in the space but also doubles as seating for the living area. This partnership also produced a large, backlit panel constructed with encased coils, fondly referred to as “the soul of the mattress”. Its translucent and organic surface accentuates the sensation of floating skyward, being among the clouds.

A Palette Inspired by the Sky

Emulating the concept of cloud nine, we adopted light hues within a palette of natural and grayscale tones. The dominant color, Raw White from Coral, stands as the protagonist of the palette, while elements in black serve as focal points. A bay window, mirroring the bed, not only frames a view but also merges into the furniture. This parallel layout, juxtaposing the Jabuticaba tree and Jean Gillon’s Jangada armchair, curates a cozy living room, signifying that this space is also a place of welcome.

Curated Furnishings and Accents

The room features other designer pieces including the Julieta chair by Gustavo Bittencourt, the Caê table by Fernando Mendes, and a unique sandblasted glass and white metalwork folding screen, another original piece by Gabriel. The art selection boasts works by Sérgio Lucena, Ricardo Homem, Henrique Savas, and Sabrina Bordin Sirino. As a final touch, poems by Yoko Ono grace the bedside, keeping company to an heirloom clock, a recurring feature in all of the architect’s exhibits. The white cabinet, designed to give a “floating” impression, is offset by a sizable block of Carrara marble, reflecting colors into the room as if mirroring the clouds.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Gabriel designed the space with a commitment to produce minimal waste through minimal construction interventions. Every piece of furniture is modular, built to adapt easily to future projects and reduce post-event waste. “At the end of the show, all amenities will be removed,” he confirms. The wall of encased coils circumvents the need for a permanent wall, thus sparing resources for a structure that would only last for the exhibition’s 45-day duration. Impressively, around 75% of the springs are reusable. In addition, the architect decided to preserve the ceiling’s original form.

Cloud Nine: A Respite from the Digital

In terms of digital technology, Gabriel views Cloud Nine as “a very analog space, to feel in the clouds. It’s peaceful, organic, natural, and consequently, it draws us closer to an analog sense of connection”.

Photography courtesy of Studio Gabriel Bordin

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- by Matt Watts