Greenhouse by RicharDavidArchitekti

Redesigned and extended in 2018 by RicharDavidArchitekti, this inspiring single family house is located in Chlum, Czech republic.

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This project has three stages. The first one was reconstruction of their old house. We did some costs calculations and propose them to build new house with half volume and without any compromises.

Stage two:

They find nice plot about 800 m2, they bought it and we start work on it. During the process, the investor managed to buy an adjoining plot with orchard and the total area of land was 3100 m2. Now we stared the third and last stage. That resulted in us deciding that it would be best to build in the middle of the orchard and have a view on the yard from every room in the house. The greenhouse was placed on the roof for several reasons:

1. Not spoil the view from the house
2. Save money on the foundation construction
3. Use of residual heat from the house
4. Access the greenhouse with the dry feet


There is no typical hierarchy of the house. There is no one main entrance door and hall. You are entering directly living area or bedroom.
From the terrace, there is also a separate entrance to the greenhouse through a single-arm steel staircase. Around the entire perimeter of the house is a walk-on terrace which its entirely covered by the overhanging roof. Every room in the house can be directly accessed through terrace, thanks to sliding windows.


The house consists of two main parts: Residential on the first floor and a greenhouse situated on the floor above it.
Both floors are structurally and functionally separated.

The main load-bearing element of the lower part is masonry wall complemented by steel columns bound by an exposed concrete bond beam. The ceiling is made of KVH profiles.

The general aim was to keep the constructions visible, where and If possible.

The structure of the greenhouse is made of the steel profiles. The intention was to use the most subtle profiles for that purpose. Structure wais mounted on site.


The building is designed as a low-energy brick house with ventilated facade Interior supporting accumulation wall is then lined with sandstone with Wood stove with exchanger The facade is ventilated thanks to vertically laid larch planks, allowing air circulation.
Larch is used in its natural form. Windows are designed as aluminum with tree-layered insulated glass/triple glazing.The frame color is natural aluminum. Greenhouse structure is steel – mounted with white galvanized finish. 4-chamber hollow translucent polycarbonate is used for the greenhouse roof structure/ is used as a roofing for the greenhouse. It’s not divided in length, making each individual board approx. 8.5m in length.

The floor in the lower/ living area is an epoxy trowel, while the epoxy coating was choice for the greenhouse.

Electric boiler
Wood stove with exchanger
Underfloor heating

Photography courtesy of RicharDavidArchitekti

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- by Matt Watts